• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Gulu | Real Muloodi News | Gulu City residents have been urged to improve air quality and protect the environment.

Gulu City Deputy Mayor Angeyo Olok highlighted the burning of household garbage, including plastics, and deforestation as activities that compromise the air quality in the city.

Additionally, some factories were identified as sources of air pollution, prompting a call to avoid such practices.

AirQo’s Revelations

The call for better air quality comes after Makerere University’s AirQo branch conducted air quality monitoring in Gulu City.

The study revealed that the current air quality is rated as moderate, indicating room for improvement to ensure healthier air conditions in the city.

AirQo installed air quality monitoring machines in critical locations, including Gulu Main Market, Gulu City Hall, Kasubi, Laroo, and Gulu University.

During a recent sensitisation visit to the city, Gulu University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. David Okello, emphasised the importance of adopting good practices to protect the environment and combat pollution.

AirQo, as an air monitoring project, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and low-cost technologies to gather data on air pollution in designated areas in Uganda.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has approved the AirQo machine since its launch in 2015.

AirQo’s study also highlighted the global impact of air pollution as the single most significant environmental health risk, contributing to over seven million deaths annually.

With this data, the project aims to inform public policies to reduce and manage air pollution, protecting communities from associated health risks while raising awareness about air quality issues.

“The data collected is used to inform public policies on reducing, containing and better management of air pollution and its associated health risks. The same data is also used to raise awareness on air quality issues,” Bbaale said.


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