• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Hamis Kiggundu announces ‘HAMZ CLUB’, an Integrated Sports Complex for Uganda’s Youth

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | Charismatic tycoon and and real estate muloodi Hamis Kiggundu (Ham) continues to grow and diversify his impressive business empire, announcing his next project; an integrated sports complex ‘HAMZ CLUB’.

In a recent Facebook post, the real muloodi shared his plans for establishing the pilot sporting complex in Kigo, Ssabagabo Municipality in Busiro County, Wakiso District.

Real Muloodi News first learned about Ham’s aspirations to construct a series of modern sports complexes around the country in an interview we did with him in October 2021.

Ham explained his motivation behind the idea is to provide opportunities for youth in Uganda and the entire East and Central African regions to develop their talents.

Ham’s proposed facilities will contain football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools, as well as administration blocks, vocational schools, dormitories, medical facilities, and more. He has ten facilities planned in different parts of Uganda, each seated on approximately 20 acres of land.

Ham unveiled a video tour of an artistic impression of his planned state-of-the-art sports facility in his Facebook post, along with the caption:

“Our next project is an integrated sports complex HAMZ CLUB…..projected to identify, nature and promote Ugandan youth talent domestically regionally and internationally. It accommodates 3 football pitches, 2 training grounds and one standard football pitch with a running lane, 2 Olympic size swimming pools, world class gym, 4 basketball courts, 4 tennis courts, 4 netball courts, all indoor games, hostels and hotel with a grade 4 medical health facility. With our first pilot project in Kampala central Kigo …if successful we plan to establish the same model in 10 different ugandan districts…Insha Allah…..for God and my country”

The 38 year old Ugandan businessman, investor, real estate and property developer, philanthropist, and author believes in personal responsibility for Ugandans and Africans to invest in their homelands, and he leads by example.

According to Ham, Ugandans and Africans as a whole don’t invest in their own countries. “We’ve been brainwashed by our western-imposed educational systems and western social media platforms into thinking that the West is somehow superior to us,” he says.

“From the time Africans go to school, we start dreaming of going to America or Europe for the chance of a better life. We study so hard, then work equally as hard for an opportunity to get out of Africa. We leave our homeland and head for the West, then work towards the development of these western countries, leaving Africa our motherland in absolute poverty,” he adds.

Ham says it doesn’t have to be this way, so long as Africans change their mindset and focus on building their homeland. The answer lies in the state of reasoning out what needs to be done and putting it into reality.

With HAMZ Club, Ham is investing in not only his homeland, but also in Uganda’s youth – and in our future.

WATCH: HAMZ Sports Club


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