• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Hamis Kiggundu Walks Away from Kigo Land to Avoid Confrontation with Kabaka

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | Real Estate Muloodi Hamis Kiggundu (Ham) has declared he is walking away from his land development aspirations in Kigo, after talks with Buganda Land Board officials collapsed on Monday.

Kiggundu walks away after a very public dispute erupted this week between the city businessman and the Kabaka of Buganda, over land Ham claims to own in Kigo, which Buganda Kingdom declares belongs to the Kabaka.

Speaking in front of Bulange, Buganda kingdom headquarters following the meeting, Ham says his decision to withdraw from the dispute is out of respect for Kabaka, and to avoid confrontation with Buganda kingdom, even though he is not satisfied with the manner in which the matter had been handled.

Ham revealed that he attended the meeting with the Buganda Land Board team, led by Prince David Wasajja, with intent to take surveyors to the contested land to open up the boundaries that demarcate his land and that of Buganda Kingdom. However, Buganda Land Board rejected the idea.

A dejected Ham says that he has resolved to give up on the land because he can not fight the Kabaka.

“As a Muslim and as a Muganda, what I have decided is this; if they claim that the land is theirs, who am I as Kiggundu to fight the Kabaka. All I want is to preserve my respect as a Muganda and a Muslim. I will not fight for that land anymore,” Ham noted.

Ham further says taking the dispute to  court is not an option because it would by extension mean, he was taking Kabaka to court.

“I cannot be seen quarrelling with Buganda over land. Even if I bought this land, I have lost interest in the land even if I bought this land. I cannot go to court because it will sound like I am fighting with Kabaka.”



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