• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Hezekiah Mukiibi, Majoline School Proprietor Detained and Charged

UGANDA, Wakiso Real Muloodi News | Hezekiah Mukiibi, the proprietor of Majoline College Mulawa, has been arrested and charged with land fraud. Mukiibi, a former employee of the Uganda Electricity Board, is accused of grabbing over seven acres of land, including the land where Kira-Wakiso-Majoline College is located.

He was charged with forgery, uttering false documents and procuring the execution of documents by false pretences under C/C 353 PCA concerning land title for plots 65,38,145,146, and 118 blocks 183 lands comprised in Kyadondo, Kira Municipality in Wakiso District.

According to court documents, in 1992, Jack Kironde sold five acres of land to Fred Ntokore, who then sold the same five acres to Mukiibi, who was then a surveyor.

The original seller, Kironde, proceeded to sign mutation forms and transfer forms in favour of the names of the second buyer, Mukiibi, having been introduced to him by Ntoroke as the person who bought the land.

Mukiibi, however, processed several titles of the same land measuring up to seven acres instead of processing the title for five acres.

In 1998, Mukiibi claimed to have purchased four acres of land from Ntoroke and, after paying for it, went on to purchase more than three acres, and a sale agreement of seven acres was executed.

Ntoroke even signed for him transfer forms, and Mukiibi proceeded to transfer the plots into the names of Marjorine School, being the founder.

However, the transfer of the said plots was directly from the name of Jack Kironde to Majorine School, and there was no other evidence to support Mukiibi’s assertion that he bought the land in question.

The DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) observed that the suspect, Mukiibi, tricked the vendor into signing the transfer forms, and the vendor signed without knowing what he was signing.

Furthermore, the DPP report revealed that the signatures on the transfer forms in question were not those of Kironde Jack.

The DPP has ordered the arrest and prosecution of Mukiibi for forgery, uttering false documents, and procuring the execution of documents by false pretences C/C 353 PCA.

Mukiibi has a history of being involved in land fraud-related issues.

Mukiibi was arrested by Kira Police and arraigned before Kira Court Chief Magistrate Roseline Nsenge on January 27.

He was granted cash bail of USh1 million and USh10 million non-cash for his two sureties. Mukiibi was due to appear in court on Thursday, February 9, 2023, over the same case.

The case demonstrates the dangers of fraudulent land transactions and highlights the need for caution when buying or selling land.

Land fraud is a serious issue that can have far-reaching consequences for the parties involved, and it is crucial to ensure that all transactions are legal and legitimate.


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