• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Katikkiro Mayiga Reveals Gov’t Yet to Compensate Buganda State House Land

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Buganda Kingdom’s Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga, has disclosed that the government is yet to compensate Buganda for the land on which the State House is situated.

In an interview, Mayiga highlighted the kingdom’s efforts to address land disputes and ensure proper management of its properties.

Mayiga revealed that Buganda agreed with the government on compensation for the State House land. The government’s chief valuer has assessed the value of the land, but the payment has not been received by the kingdom.

Mayiga clarified that Buganda Kingdom’s areas are clearly defined by the Constitution. He expressed disappointment that some leaders and individuals are creating unnecessary conflicts instead of focusing on more important matters.

Buganda’s historical expansion includes regions such as Buziba (now part of Tanzania) and even parts of Busoga, where the people paid allegiance to the Kabaka.

Mayiga voiced concern about attempts to undermine Buganda’s authority by establishing cultural leaders in areas like Bugerere, Buruuli, and Buwekula.

He emphasised that these actions divert attention from addressing the actual issues at hand. Additionally, he noted that Buganda owns properties that are currently under government custody, urging the government to either vacate the premises or pay rent.

Buganda has consistently demanded the return of its properties and urged government departments to acquire leases on kingdom land.

Mayiga acknowledged that progress has been made, with the government vacating Buddukiro, the official residence of Pokino in Masaka, for refurbishment. This demonstrates the importance of the government relinquishing occupied properties.

However, there are still outstanding issues. Certain institutions, including the Uganda Police, Prisons, local government, and the army, continue to occupy Buganda’s land and premises without paying dues. Mayiga specifically mentioned areas like Katabi and Nakasongola.

While some entities, such as the Judiciary, pay rent for court premises within Buganda, others have yet to fulfil their financial obligations.

Mayiga said that Buganda continues to advocate for the rightful return of its properties and expects those who owe it to fulfil their financial obligations.

The Buganda Kingdom remains steadfast in its pursuit of reclaiming its properties and securing proper compensation.

The State House land issue, along with other outstanding matters, will continue to be addressed by Buganda to safeguard its interests.


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