• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

UGANDA, Kyambogo | Real Muloodi News | Kyambogo University students were shocked to learn that the hostel landlords are selling off their belongings.

University Hostels Association (UHA) Chairperson, Ssematovu Hakim, confirmed that hostels including Good shepherd, Kabbojja, Jussy, Wamala and Servite have already sold off students belongings, under the guidance of local leaders.

In June 2021, President Yoweri Museveni ordered all learning institutions’ closure and gave all students a one-week notice to return home. The President’s order was to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

Most university students rushed to return home out of fear that the government would impose a total lockdown. For those students who wished to stay in the hostels, the wardens ordered them to leave the premises.

Many of the students were forced to leave most of their valuables, such as mattresses, suitcases, laptops, and textbooks, due to the short notice and high cost of transporting their belongings. 

The University Hostels Association (UHA) notified students of the sale of their belongings by the hostel owners to clear the outstanding hostel balances.

“The selling off of these properties was done authoritatively under the guidance of the LC1, LC5 and the Guild. Some of the valuable items you left behind have been sold off to clear your dues as you all know we charge per semester and it is noted that your periodic semester was accomplished,” Ssematovu said in a letter.

An anonymous student disclosed, “Yes I saw the letter, as well as, landlords were breaking rooms and removing properties, but not sure whether they were to be sold.”

Students blame this costly fiasco on the student’s ministry of affairs at Kyambogo University, which failed to fight for the students’ protection.


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