• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Busia | Real Muloodi News | Last week, Judith Nabakooba, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, commissioned the construction of a 2-kilometre road in Busia Town as part of the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program.

USMID program is based on the need to uplift municipalities through improved urban infrastructure. It is a very competitive program which every urban centre in the country wishes to be part of,” Hon. Nabakooba explained

The 2-kilometre road will cost about 9 billion Uganda Shillings and take approximately two years to complete.

After congratulating the contractor M/S. Dott Services Ltd and the supervising consultants for being selected to undertake the civil works, Hon. Nabakooba shared they are duty-bound to use the funds to “deliver the highest quality of work within the stipulated time.”

She explained that contractors must form good relationships with local leaders to ensure effortless progress.

“Contractors, work with the leaders, engage them from the beginning to the end. You will have a successful project. We involve leaders for ownership and acceptance of these projects because if you clash, the complaints will even reach the biggest office,” she said.

The Lands Minister advised local leaders to plan immediately, suggesting they keep pre-requisites in mind to make Busia achieve city status.

“Follow the building regulations if you want to be a city in the future. That is the only way you will make Busia Municipal Council grow, become attractive and become a better face for Uganda when foreigners come in through the borders,” she said.

The Mayor of Busia Municipality, Mr Sadik Egale, expressed his gratitude for all government-funded projects. He asked Hon. Nabakooba to extend his gratitude to President Museveni for funding several projects such as the Busia Market, the value addition facility, and the Busia-Musiita road. 

“I thank the government for the rehabilitation of our roads through USMID funding. Busia town being a border town accommodates so many trucks which damage the roads. I make a special appeal to the government to give us more funding to upgrade more roads and carry out regular maintenance on the existing ones,” he said.

The Busia District LC 5 chairperson encouraged contractors to employ locals, suggesting it is one way to reduce poverty.

He said “for supplies like stones, sand, kindly buy from our people to contribute to their well-being. Let them benefit from this project too.”


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