• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, West Nile | Real Muloodi News | Leaders and residents in West Nile have donated 2,000 acres of land to the government to establish industrial parks in the region.

The 2,000 acres of land span the districts of Yumbe, Nebbi, and Madi Okollo.

A total of 515 acres was extended to Government by the Forotonanto Oshakire family in Onvoro Village, Padyere County Nebbi District. A further 555 acres was offered up in Madi Okollo, and 1200 acres in Bijjo Sub-County, Yumbe District.

West Nile donated the land to the government through Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), in an effort encourage the government to fight poverty and unemployment in the three districts.

Emmanuel Orombi, the Nebbi district Chairperson, said, “We have suffered enough. Our children have resorted to criminality while the girls are getting married at a tender age because of being idle,” Orombi said.

Orombi encouraged more investors to come to the West Nile because there are plenty of lands ready to be donated by the locals for the development.

The Uganda Investment Authority Director-General, Robert Mukiza, also said the donated land would help harness the market in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

“You know West Nile is near Congo and South Sudan, and there is a ready market there, so we must get ready to tap into that market but also develop the region,” Mukiza said.

According to Morrison Rwakakamba, the chairperson of the UIA Board, the establishment of industrial parks in Uganda is part of the regional industrialisation goal and job creation.

Industrialisation in the West Nile will also ensure the promotion of local products through value addition.

“You realise our people have raw materials, but what we are missing is industries to add value to produce so that our people earn higher from their sweat,” Rwakakamba said.

Evelyn Anite, the Minister for Finance in charge of investment, asked the government to offer incentives such as tax holidays and reduce interest rates to attract more local investors.

“When the investment climate is conducive in terms of policies everybody, even those with limited money, will move to invest, unlike when the prevailing situation is not favourable,” Anite said.

Minister Anite also called on rich men and women born in West Nile living abroad and in Kampala to come and invest in their home districts.

“Our people had money but lacked guidance. Many build nice expensive houses in Kampala, others abroad. Now the government is opening the way for you to come and invest in your home districts,” Anite urged.

Cabinet resolved that at least 25 industrial parks will be set up by 2025. Industrialisation in different regions meets the president’s plan for job creation.


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