• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Some leaders in Uganda, including those in Lira, have continued to make false property declarations to the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) which is now raising concerns about their integrity.

Speaking at the launch of the declaration of assets, income and liabilities for leaders for 2023 in Mayor’s Gardens in Lira City on March 1, Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Lira, Lawrence Egole, expressed his concern about these individuals who don’t fear God and lie with impunity.

“There are some leaders in this country and in this Lango region (northern Uganda) as well as in public officers who don’t even fear God. They lie with impunity. They hide their own assets and make false disclosure to the Inspectorate of Government,” said Mr Egole.

The RCC stated that leaders who make credible disclosures help to build citizens’ trust towards individuals and the government.

The Lira City Mayor, Sam Atul, also appealed to all leaders to remain accountable to their voters.

He pledged to mobilise leaders and civil servants and to rally the population in the fight against corruption.

“As Lira City, we pledge to mobilise our leaders and civil servants and to rally the population in this fight against corruption,” he said.

Ms Judith Alyek, the chairperson of the Lango Parliamentary Group, expressed her disapproval of corruption, saying “enough is enough.”

She added that they would take the mantle and fight corruption together in the country.

The Deputy IGG, Dr Patricia Achan Okiria, explained that the Inspectorate is empowered to deploy both preventive and enforcement measures to execute its mandate.

Additionally, the Ugandan Constitution within Article 223 tasks Parliament to establish a leadership code of conduct to ensure accountability, transparency, and anti-corruption in the public service.

To operationalise this constitutional provision, the Leadership Code Act was enacted in 2002 with two main objectives.

The first is to provide the minimum standards of behaviour and conduct for leaders and public officers. The second objective is to require leaders and all public officers to declare their income, assets, and liabilities, which is the main reason why they were in Lira Industrial City on that day.

IGG Betty Kamya called upon Ugandans to join hands in the fight against corruption. Leaders and public officers need to declare their income, assets, and liabilities accurately to prevent the corrupt practices that threaten citizens’ trust and government institutions.


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