• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Man Arrested in Nagalama for Killing Mother over Land Dispute

UGANDA, Mukono | Real Muloodi News | Police in Nagalama have arrested Mubarak Gowa, a resident of Kalagala Village, Kyampisi Sub-County in Mukono District, for allegedly killing his mother, Jalia Nalongo Nabukeera, 70, over a land dispute.

The incident occurred last week, Thursday morning at 10:00 am, 23rd March 2023 when Gowa reportedly picked up a hammer during a quarrel over land and hit his mother on the head, killing her instantly.

The police were informed of the incident and quickly responded, arresting Gowa.

Nabukeera’s body was taken to Kayunga Hospital for a post-mortem as investigations into the matter continue.

Land Dispute Leads to Murder

Kyampisi Sub-County speaker, Saidah Nanonzi, said that Gowa had already been given land by his mother that he sold, only to return and pressure his mother for another piece of land.

Nanonzi claimed that land disputes have become prevalent in Kyampisi Sub-County, blaming the issue on stakeholders not doing enough to resolve them.

She further added that problems often involved the LCIII land court in Nagalama.

“All the problems are mostly centred around the LCIII land court where anyone with a land dispute for assistance must first surrender part of the land he wants to be helped,” she claimed.

Nanonzi urged parents to instil religious values in their children, and stressed that children should work to accumulate their property rather than expect to inherit it.

Appeal for Peaceful Dispute Resolution

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and appealed to the public to resolve land disputes peacefully and avoid violence.


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