• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

NRA Veteran Threatens to Shoot Land Grabbers in Mukono

UGANDA, Mukono | Real Muloodi News | A 92-year-old former National Resistance Army (NRA) fighter, Musa Mwanje, has promised to shoot land grabbers targeting his land in Kiyanja Village, Mukono District.

According to Mr Mwanje, people led by a Special Forces Command officer identified as Sobbi attacked his home and destroyed a house which had been built by President Museveni for his deceased UPDF son, Meddie Muyanja.

Mr, Mwanje cursed the unknown attackers who had destroyed his property without any court order, although matters are still being handled in court.

The contested land measures up to 100 acres and is located on block 221, plot 118 in Kyaggwe. According to records, Mwanje obtained the land titles of this contested land in 1960.

“They came here and destroyed things including crops, and trees and went with them,” Mwanje reported.

The Officer in Charge of investigating the incident, Ass. Superintendent of Police, Micheal Kato, encouraged the family members to be disciplined and told them to calm down.

Mr Mwanje called upon the president to intervene and show concern before he embarked on the promise of fighting the land buyers.

“I have a court order from KMP noting that no one is supposed to destroy property on this land,” Mwanje added.

How the Contentions Began

The story behind this contention is that Sobbi, whose real names are Paddy Sserunjogi, raided Musa Mwanje’s land on the orders of Fulgensio Ssembajwe, who is the administrator of the estate of the late John Lule Ssebakijja. The estate is neighbouring Musa Mwanje’s land.

Sobbi says that before the death of Ssebakijja, he had bought 20 acres of land from Mwanje, but the transfer process was incomplete.

He says that it is now eight years since the death of Ssebakijja, but Mwanje has not yet surrendered the land.

He also revealed that he was promised 10 acres out of of the 20 acres of land if he clears and fences off the late Ssebekijja’s property.

It is disclosed, that the administrator of the estate of the late Ssebekijja got a court order in September 2015 allowing him to clear and use the land as an administrator.

Sobbi, who introduced himself as a Special Forces Command official hired to clear the contested land, presented the order to Mwanje.

At first, Mwanje didn’t take it seriously until Sobbi started cutting down the trees and clearing the gardens. That is when he alerted his sons to get a court injunction to stop all the illegal activities on the land.

Land wrangles happen everywhere in Uganda, but Mukono District is one of those districts named with high land dispute rates in 2019 with several forgeries of land agreements and titles.


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