• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Masaka | Real Muloodi News | Masaka City public cemetery, known as Kamirampango, has undergone an alarming transformation, with the land being converted into a garden.

This development has left the city without an officially designated place to bury unclaimed bodies. Situated on approximately three acres of land in Kasijjagirwa Village, Kimaanya-Kabonera Division, along the Masaka-Mbarara Bypass, the cemetery has become an area of concern for residents.

According to Mr David Musisi, a resident in the area, the cemetery is now being used for farming purposes by unknown individuals.

Reports indicate that in March, a group of people was observed performing rituals in the evening before proceeding to spray the area and dig holes for planting maize.

Concerns were raised about the handling of human remains, with some allegedly packed into sacks and transported to undisclosed locations, while others were reportedly burned.

Residents suspect that the encroachers may have significant influence over city leadership, as previous attempts by different individuals to grab the remaining portion of the cemetery land have been met with resistance.

Mr Adrian Lule, the chairperson of Kijjabwemi Ward, emphasised that Kamirampango is public land and farming activities should not take place in a cemetery.

He expressed concern about recent actions, including the erection of temporary structures and the fencing off of parts of the land, suggesting that the occupants may have intentions to establish permanent structures after the maize harvest.

Mr Tonny Ssempijja, the speaker of Masaka City, asserted that the land in question belongs to the city and labelled the planting maize as trespassers.

He assured that any structures erected on the cemetery land would be demolished.

However, Masaka City Mayor Florence Namayanja declined to comment on the matter and directed inquiries to the city clerk, Mr Vincent Okurut, who requested time to study the issue as he is relatively new to his position.

Former Masaka Mayor, Godfrey Kayemba Afaayo, acknowledged that numerous individuals had encroached on the cemetery land.

Consequently, the council passed a resolution to sell the land to sitting tenants and acquire a larger plot outside the city centre for a new cemetery.

However, this resolution had not been implemented by the time Afaayo left office.

The Kamirampango public cemetery has faced continuous unauthorised encroachments since 2013. Initially, the colonial government had designated 10 acres of land for the public cemetery.

However, over the years, unscrupulous individuals associated with the Masaka District land board have been involved in the improper allocation of plots, resulting in the development of houses and partitioning of the cemetery land.


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