• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Masindi Residents Want Land Title Processing Fees Displayed

UGANDA, Masindi Real Muloodi News | Masindi District residents are calling for a public display outlining the net fees related to land title processing.

The standards for land processing should be displayed at sub-county offices to increase information availability, according to locals, who also want the entire process to be streamlined.

Bujenje County resident in Masindi, Bony Muganyizi asserted that “the display will enhance transparency in the land titling system.”

“We can’t even know the exact cost the surveyor needs which is a crucial part in land titling. We don’t know whether the forms are free or are sold and that scares us to start the process of pushing to square land titles,” Muganyizi said.

He asserts that a lack of openness means there will always be debate about land titling.

According to Masindi activist Norman Aliganyira, regional lands offices should establish a landowner transparency register to manage land disputes as part of acquiring land titles.

“It would be a powerful tool to close tax loopholes, fight tax evasion and help stop money laundering after sensitization of our communities on land titling,” Mr Aliganyira noted.

Processing a land title in Uganda entails paying fees, including those not acknowledged by the state involving middlemen.

“Government should provide details on land titling processes, mostly to elders. There’s also need to control the price needed for citizens to know critical information,” landowner Enid Namirimu Enid opined.

About the residents’ desire, an official of Masindi Lands, James Mugoya said, “there is a display of the process to acquire land titles at the regional lands offices.”

“And those which are not displayed are private, but we have displayed the process at our land offices,” Mr Mugoya emphasised.

About Acquiring a Land Title

A set of three original deed plans, three passport photos, payment receipts, and a forwarding letter seeking a freehold title signed by the District Land Officer of the particular district where the land is located are all necessary for acquiring a land title in Uganda.


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