• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | During the 9th Annual Uganda, Real Estate Conference and Expo organised by the Association of Real Estate Agents, Uganda (AREA-U), Hon. Namuganza Persis Princess, the Minister of State for Housing, addressed some of the challenges faced by the real estate industry that were highlighted by keynote speakers.

At the conference, real estate stakeholders highlighted challenges such as the lack of regulations governing the sector, poor physical planning, delays in land transactions, and delays in the extension of roads, water, and electricity in upcoming suburbs.

The minister noted the Lands ministry is aiming to speed up the land transaction processes.

She said, “Real estate developers know the challenges in our land systems today. If the land in question has no issue, the transaction will be as fast as yesterday. But once the land has some issues like squatters, people appealing to courts, underpayments, encroaching, trespassing, land grabbing/stealing the bibanja, etc., those become blockages, and land transactions which were supposed to move at a faster pace are tolled because of some of those complaints.”

She added, “We have to attend to those who are complaining. Sometimes you find that these complaints are rising because of real estate developers who rob people of their land and even give them peanuts as compensation. So, as a concerned ministry, we are developing our country in that area. But again, we don’t want you to render our people homeless and landless when you have not fulfilled the obligation.”

“So as long as the land has no issues, we pledge we shall always help you, much and as fast,” Namuganza said.

While speaking about the Real Estate Bill that has been pending for ten years, Hon Namuganza disclosed she met with the Members of Parliament on the Physical Infrastructural Committee and to discuss the Real Estate Bill.

Namuganza pledged, “This time round, the real estate bill will pass, I promise.”

She noted, “We have concluded the Landlord Tenant Bill, and the committee says the next time the Parliament sits, which is two weeks from now, we will present the draft of the Real Estate Bill. The Members of Parliament are so supportive and they have devised that they will not waste a lot of time, since this Bill has been in place for a long time. We are going to call you on board so that we move together right from the primary level.”

Just like it was with the Landlord-Tenant Bill, the MPs invited the landlords on board.

“I think I will take the advice of the Members of Parliament on the Physical Infrastructural Committee and engage you, the real estate stakeholders, at the earliest state so that we can move together up to the final stage,” Namuganza said.

“As the minister in charge of this sub-sector, it concerns me directly, and I would like to see a lot of improvements in this sector. We are the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, where real estate fits,” Namuganza said.

The minister assured the real estate stakeholders that they would have an audience with the president through her ministry, to present the real estate sector’s challenges and how the government can support the industry.

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