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UGANDA, Naguru | Real Muloodi News | One of Kampala’s most scenic hills, Naguru hill is home to Kampala’s upscale community, prominent embassies, NGOs and hotels. Naguru offers residents serene views, little to no traffic, beautiful hills to walk and run on, and all the necessary amenities. 

The heart of the hill is home to Kampala’s highest viewing point, making for an incredible view of Kampala. The Protea Hotel Kampala Skyz is located on top of Naguru Hill, and from there you can see the tops of most of the other hills: Kololo, Muyenga, Mbuya and Mutungo.

Protea Hotel by Marriott Kampala Skyz
Protea Hotel by Marriott Kampala Skyz. Source: Marriot

The upper reaches of the hill feature upscale residential mansions with manicured lawns. The well-landscaped hill also boasts of good guesthouses and recreation centers. These include the Lugogo Rugby Club, the Lugogo Tennis Club and the Lugogo Cricket Club.

At the base of the hill is the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) show ground, the site of annual trade fairs. The headquarters of the Uganda National Police are located on the southeastern slopes of the hill. 

Construction of a new Justice Law and Order Sector house in Naguru is set to begin, at an estimated cost of US$60 million. 

Overlooking Kampala from Naguru Hill, Source: Anonymous

Ntinda borders Naguru Hill to the East and Nakawa to the Southeast. Bukoto is to the Northwest of the hill and Kololo Southwest. It is in Nakawa Division, which is one of Kampala’s five administrative divisions. 

Naguru is a secure location for families and is home to many expats and well-to-do Ugandans. Before the hill was developed, it was known as “big bush.” Many Ugandans invested in plots around the hill. As you drive by the clean lanes, you see beautiful spacious houses now.

One resident explained, “I love living here. It is secure. Evening walks are peaceful and serene.”

Shopping and Amenities

At the base of Naguru Hill, just over the border in neighbouring Bukoto, is the Kabira Country Club one of real muloodi Sudhir Ruparelia’s many properties, whose perks include a state of the art gym, tennis, squash and basketball courts, football field and an olympic size swimming pool.

Kabira Country Club Pool
Kabira Country Club Pool. Image courtesy of View Uganda.

Naguru Hill itself has several supermarkets at its disposal, Kenjoy Supermarket, Quick Pick Supermarket, and Ntinda shopping complex, which is a 5-minute drive. Acacia mall is a mere 10-minute drive from the hill, and if you take the back route, Lugogo Mall is just a 5-minute drive. These shopping malls, so close to the hill, give access to supermarkets, banks, restaurants, and other amenities. 

UMC Victoria Hospital is located on the hill itself, minutes drive from most homes. The hospital is well equipped with health care facilities that are on par with international standards. 

UMC Victoria Hospital
UMC Victoria Hospital. Image Source: 1st Priority Realty
Real Estate

The home styles in Naguru range from large colonial houses to modern, spacious mansions. New luxury apartment buildings are also becoming part of the landscape. 

One resident explained, “We used to only have houses here, but in the last year there have been at least 4 new apartments that have come up, and I see at least 4-5 being constructed.”

Housing on Naguru Hill Kampala
Housing on Naguru Hill. Image Source: Researchgate
Naguru Apartments - Short and long stay rentals.
Naguru Apartments – Short and long stay rentals. Source: Naguru Apartments

The area is also home to elegant residential apartments such as Casa Grande, Naguru Friendship Apartments, and Victoria International Garden Apartments.

Naguru Friendship Apartments
Naguru Friendship Apartments, Source: Kawe Realtors
Naguru Friendship Apartments
Naguru Friendship Apartments. Image Source: Knight Frank.
Victoria International Garden Apartments
Victoria International Garden Apartments. Image Source: HikersBay
Price Range

The cost to purchase a double room apartment in Naguru start at USD $160,000 in an established development. Three-bedroom apartments start at USD 300,000. A four-bedroom bungalow can cost USD 1,500,000 to USD 2,000,000.

The boom of new apartment and condominium developments in Naguru make for a marvelous investment opportunities. A new, off-the-plan condominium apartment can be purchased at a discounted rate. Spectrum Properties is showcasing one such example of a new, off-the-plan apartment, comprising 3 bedrooms at 110 sqm, and 4 bedrooms at 220 sqm, with a starting price of USD $100,000. With a 20% deposit, the balance can be paid over the 24 month construction period.

Off-plan condo-apartments for sale in Naguru
Off-plan condo-apartments for sale in Naguru. Source: Spectrum Properties.

Property in Naguru offers steady returns. The monthly rental yield for a one-bedroom apartment in the area ranges from $300-$1300, with upper Naguru fetching higher rental than lower Naguru. 2-3 bedroom apartments range from USD 1200-3500 per month, and 3-4 bedroom houses range from USD 2500-4000 again, depending on which area.

For commercial spaces, a lot of NGOs and international organizations have turned enormous houses into office spaces. The monthly rental of a three-four-bedroom house turned into offices ranges from $1500 to $4000.

Who is Buying?

Expatriates, well-to-do people, and Ugandans who had left the country and are now returning with foreign money can afford to stay in Naguru. 


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