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UGANDA, Nakasero | Real Muloodi News | Nakasero is the heart of Kampala city. Nakasero Hill is one of Kampala’s most prestigious hills and home to Kampala’s upscale community, governmental agencies, Parliament Buildings, and The State House, the official residence of President Yoweri K. Museveni.

Nakasero is divided into two; Lower and Upper Nakasero.

Lower Nakasero comprises Kampala’s busy business district and the buildings that make up Kampala’s skyline. There you will also find Nakasero Market, a vibrant and bustling outdoor market.

Iconic Nakasero Market, Source: Great Adventures Uganda

Upper Nakasero is awash with expensive real estate. The top of Nakasero Hill is one of the most luxurious addresses in the city. It is a residential area for the elite with impressive houses, modern high rises, upmarket restaurants, and luxury hotels like Serena Hotel, Sheraton Kampala, Grand Imperial Hotel and Speke Hotel.

The northern and eastern slopes of Nakasero Hill house many of the diplomatic missions to Uganda, and the residences of many ambassadors. To the east is the Kitante Golf Course course, which separates Nakasero from the posh neighbouring suburb of Kololo

Sheraton Kampala Hotel
Sheraton Kampala Hotel. Image Courtesy of Marriot
Kampala Serena Hotel
Kampala Serena Hotel. Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor.

Nakasero has Mulago to its north, Makerere to its northwest and Old Kampala to its west. Kololo is to the east, about a 5-minute drive from the north side of Nakasero. Nakasero rises 1228 meters above mean sea level. 

Shopping and Amenities
Garden City Kampala, Image Source: Mergilli

Shopping in Nakasero is easy and hassle-free. Garden City Mall and Oasis Mall are about a 4-minute drive from the residential areas. If you are coming from the business district, it will take you 4-5 minutes (depending on the traffic). 

Nakasero is also home to Kampala’s best restaurants and eateries. Japanese restaurant Yujo Izakaya, located conveniently on the hill, was rated Uganda’s best restaurant for three consecutive years. Other restaurants include Bight of Benin, Asian Fusion (located inside the iconic Fairway Hotel and Spa), Café Java’s, Fang Fang, and Kayali restaurant. 

For healthcare, Nakasero Hospital on Akii Bua Road is one of Uganda’s top hospitals offering health care facilities at international standards.

All Saints Cathedral, Christ the King Church and the Nakasero Mosque are the places of worship found in the area. 

Casino Simba
Casino Simba. Image Source: Fortune of Africa
Real Estate

The home styles in Nakasero range from colonial houses to modern. There are relatively more bungalows and standalone houses than apartments. However, lavish apartment buildings are making their way within the suburbs. In recent years, elegant apartment complexes such as Ssanga Courts, Hill View Apartments, Laburnam Courts Apartments and Mayflower Apartments have changed the residential scene in Nakasero.

Laburnam Courts Apartments in Nakasero.
Laburnam Courts Apartments in Nakasero. Image Courtesy of TriumWorks
Ssanga Courts
Ssanga Courts. Image Source: TripAdvisor

Commercial spaces are abundant on the hill, with various bank headquarters and high-rise buildings in the areas. With the likes of Rwenzori Courts, Kingdom Kampala, and Trust Towers, there is a wonderful selection of high-end office spaces.

Rwenzori Courts.
Rwenzori Courts. Image Courtesy of Office.co
Price Range

The estimated price of a double room apartment in Nakasero is USD 250,000, and three-bedroom apartments start at USD 300,000. A four-bedroom bungalow can go for as high as USD 1,500,000 to USD 2,000,000.

As for rent, 2-3 bedroom apartments range from USD 1500-3500 per month, and 3-4 bedroom houses range from USD 2500-4000.

Who is Buying?

Well-to-do Ugandans, diplomats, government officials and the real muloodis of Uganda own most of the property in Nakasero.


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