• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

MPs Question KCCA Officials about Lotis Towers Investigations

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | MPs on the Physical Infrastructure Committee of Parliament have questioned representatives from the Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs about the status of the ongoing building investigations on the structural flaws of the Lotis Towers, a 14-story building on Mackinnon Road.

This came after the recommendation of a group of independent engineers to close the Lotis Towers building following the compression collapse of a reinforced concrete column on the sixth level of the building, which put the structure’s structural integrity in jeopardy. Tenants were told to leave the building in August.

After the questioning on Wednesday, September 21, Eng. Jacob Byabakama, the acting Director for Engineering at KCCA, informed the committee on the physical infrastructure of parliament, that a team of private engineers was examining the structure, particularly the engineering projects surrounding the affected floor as well as those above and below it.

“We expect the report to be ready in two weeks and the cost of the analysis by the private engineers will be met by the owner of the building,” Byabakama said.

Bugabula South MP Henry Maurice Kibalya expressed concern that the KCCA could fail to influence the building’s owner because the facility was being constructed by one of the most influential individuals in the nation.

The committee’s chair, Kigorobya County MP David Karubanga, stated that KCCA had a mission to deal with developers erecting various types of structures in the city.

For parliament to make recommendations assuring that the government would address each difficulty, he said the KCCA must provide the committee with information on the structural and enforcement challenges.

The KCCA team informed the committee that out of the 15 posts that were open on the authorised structure, ten building supervisors were employed by the authority.


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