• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

UGANDA, Mukono | Real Muloodi NewsThe Mukono High Court in Uganda has ruled in favor of a Born Again Church, ending a decade-long land dispute in Mukono Town.

Justice David Batema, in his ruling on March 27, stated that “the contested piece of land belongs to Lawrence Matovu who obtained it after cancellation of a lease between the United Methodist Church and the then landlord Robert Ssenfuma.”

On December 31, 2021, Mt Lebanon Christian Centre Church Limited and Matovu ran to court contesting a decision by the United Methodists Church to demolish and evict the former.

The suit property was originally a church belonging to the United Methodist Church of Uganda, opened in 2010 by President Museveni.

The church, located in Block 530 Kyaggwe, Plot 13, Kame close, Mukono, near Kame Valley Market, was built on leased land owned by Robert Ssenfuma.

However, one of the pastors of the United Methodist Church, Samuel Lwandasa, broke away and formed a new church called Mt. Lebanon Christian Centre, which operated on the same leased property.

According to records before the court, the United Methodist Church Ltd had previously sued Lwandasa as an individual for obtaining a fraudulent special title over their land where he constructed the church and his house.

While the two tenant churches battled in court, Ssenfuma, the landlord, terminated the lease of the United Methodist Church and gave a lease of 10 years to Mt. Lebanon Christian Centre Church Ltd. Later, Ssenfuma sold the suit land to Lawrence Matovu, the second objector.

The applicants, Mt. Lebanon Christian Centre Church Ltd and Lawrence Matovu, were not party to the civil suit and its appeal, and therefore, the application has been granted with costs to the objectors in the interest of justice.

Calls for Quick Resolutions in Court for Land Disputes

Stephen Ssemusu, the chairperson of Born Again Pastors under their umbrella Love, Peace and Unity Pastor’s Destiny Forum, urged the Judiciary to ensure land disputes brought in court are disposed of in record time to avoid fights which sometimes led to bloodshed.

He also suggested that faith-based leaders should unite to form a formidable force against persecutions from intruders.

Harriet Nankya Kasozi, the Chairperson of Ggunga Village, said: “These people [Mt. Lebanon Christian Centre Church Ltd and United Methodist Church] have spent more than 10 years in different courts and such scenarios in our communities cause panic and tension. I hope this time round one party will concede defeat and move on.”


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