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UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Legendary Ugandan singer Fred Hope Mukasa and his ex-wife Sheena Nakimuli Mukasa, whom he divorced in 2014, are embroiled in a heated dispute over a property.

The marriage between Mukasa and Sheena, which had been blessed on July 25, 1992, in St. Paul’s Cathedral in Namirembe, came to an end when he eloped with a waitress who is only known by the name of Fiona, who worked at the couple’s former popular establishment, Sabrina’s Pub.

Despite never having been formally married, Mukasa and Fiona have subsequently had three children and continue to live together as husband and wife.

After Mukasa and Sheena split up, Sheena filed for divorce at the High Court Family Division under file HCT-00-FDDC-0154, which Justice Dr Joseph Murangira decided in her favour on June 17, 2022.

Sheena initiated the divorce proceedings after discovering that Mukasa sought to evict her from their multi-billion dollar home on Block 1, Plot 405 Mbubi Zone, Kibuga, in Lungujja so he could sell it off.

Sheena petitioned the Family Division of the High Court of Uganda under Divorce Cause No. 154 of 2019 against Mukasa after learning of his plan to sell the property.

However, because Mukasa and Sheena both acquired and developed the property throughout the course of their 30-year marriage, Justice Murangira ruled that they should split it.

According to Justice Murangira’s decision: “In closing and in total consideration of the parties’ pleadings, each party’s evidence, the documents presented and relied on by each party in this case, the written submissions by each party, and for the fact that each issue was resolved affirmative, I enter judgment in favor of the petitioner (Sheena) in the following order: As per the partial consent judgment the parties’ marriage was dissolved on 23/03/2022 and a decree nisi was issued on that date.”

He continues; “The matrimonial property composed in particulars aforementioned remains a family property that was acquired and or developed by Sheena and Hope during the subsistence of their marriage. The petitioner and respondent are entitled to an equal share in the said matrimonial property. They shall share equally. From the evidence adduced by the petitioner in cross-examination. The respondent is staying in plot 406 together with tenants and the petitioner resides together with tenants in plot 405, my considered view, therefore, Block 1 plot 406 is the share of the respondent and Block 1 plot 405 becomes the share of the petitioner.”

Unsatisfied with Justice Murangira’s decision, Mukasa has continued to pursue the property dispute, prompting Sheena to hire municipal bailiffs Kwesiga & Co. Advocates to sell her half of Block 1 Plot 405 for her.

Even yet, Mukasa refuses give up; as soon as he learned of her plans to sell, he rushed to court and filed a Stay of Execution via File No. HTC-00-FD-MA-0898-2022, in which he has requested a court order to postpone the implementation of Justice Murangira’s directives.

Although the Miscellaneous Application filed by Mukasa is yet to be determined by the court, he remains hell-bent on evicting Sheena out of the contested property without even a single cent, something she refuses to accept.

The success of Mukasa depends on his pursuit of a recent court decision that found that being married does not automatically entitle spouses to a 50% share of the properties when they divorce.

A panel of three justices from the Court of Appeal ruled unanimously on November 15, 2022, that the spouse’s portion in the marital estate is not an automatic half-share but rather depends on his or her contribution to it.

About Fred Hope Mukasa

Veteran Singer Hope Fred Mukasa was the brainchild behind the incredibly popular 80’s musical powerhouse, ‘Mixed Talents’.

The idea of ‘Mixed Talents’ was conceived by Hope Mukasa and his associates Steven Nsubuga, Sam Mulondo and Paul Mbaba Wamala in 1980.

Financed by businessman and renowned insurer Patrick Bukenya Kiwanuka, ‘Mix Talents’ was initially a loose collaboration of performers that later became a full-fledged band and a force in the Ugandan music industry until 1991.

‘Mixed Talents’ sought to invite different artists from various bands for a weekend of non-stop gigs at Neeta cinema [now Theatre La Bonita]. Mukasa and his associates persuaded established names to join them, and they easily sold out the venue.

With Allan Shonubi playing the rhythm guitar, Andrew Kasirye (bass guitar), Steven Ntambi (lead guitar), Ham Mulira (keyboard), Monsour Bulegeya and Moses Matovu (saxophone), and Hope Mukasa and Joy Nsubug as vocalists, they serenaded fans with cover songs from a vast blend of music genres from rumba, blues, soukous, soul and a bit of reggae. They were a smash hit. What started as a show turned into some sort of a mega festival and Mixed Talents became the talk of town.

However, their overnight success created friction when it came to distribution of proceeds as well as the direction. Members broke off which forced scheduled shows to be postponed.

After reorganisation, in came Billy Mutebi (lead guitarist), Gerald Naddibanga (drums), Joseph Nsubuga (bass guitar), Bisamunyo (keyboard), and Frank Mbalire (rhythm guitar).

Their shows were often staged during the daytime at Lugogo indoor stadium, where they attracted sizeable crowds. After performances, members would retreat to their original bands.

However, the friction continued making it difficult to hold regular shows. As a result, their popularity dwindled. When some members such as Hope Mukasa, Naddibanga, Mbalire and Mutebi relocated to Sweden in 1981, Mixed Talents disintegrated.

The hiatus went on till 1988 when Mukasa returned home to mastermind its revival.

However, only Nsubuga, Shonubi and Norah Kasirye were available, so they went on a recruitment spree which brought the likes of Oscar Kihika, Ham Mulira and Simon Bbosa (keyboard), Vincent Othieno (bass), Dede Majoro (lead guitarist), Giles Walugaba (drums), Saidi Kasule and Rich- ard Mudhungu (saxophone), among others.

With fresh vocalists like Juliet Ssesanga, Geraldine Namayanja, Jane Oryem, Flo Sebalu, Paul Kavuma, Victor Kabali Kaggwa, and the legendary Fred Masagazi, among others, Mixed Talents had become a full band and started holding performances at Calendar house, Lugogo and Suzana nightclub, and stage shows as far as Mbale cinema hall.

Now with original compositions, the band attracted large audiences. Hope Mukasa led the way with his Sitaki, Let Happiness Fill The World and Tetulyerabira. Nsubuga came up with Enkuba Ekedde, Political Alliance, Bugolobi Coffee, Crazy Lady and Mandela. Masagazi’s Obwegasi was one of the best songs while Dede’s Bwenkirowoza Bulijjo then Shonubi’s Abalongo plus Ssesanga’s Just One Kiss.

In October 1989, Mixed Talents toured Sweden, where the band spent about two months. However, upon return, several leading figures within the band moved on to other careers and it became difficult to converge for rehearsals and shows.

Even the few passionate ones who remained joined other bands and Mixed Talents unofficially folded in 1991.

Hope Mukasa went on to establish Sabrina’s pub along Bombo road, where he introduced Karaoke. The place became a talent incubator. Some of its hatchlings who Mukasa managed and marketed include Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru, Juliana Kanyomozi and Maureen Kabasita, to mention but a few.


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