• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Musician Stecia Mayanja’s Mother Dragged to Police by Her Siblings over Land

UGANDAKibuye | Real Muloodi News | The mother of celebrity artist Stecia Mayanja, Cissy Nakiganda, a businesswoman who sells matooke at the Kibuye Market, was taken to Kibuye/Katwe Police Station on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, as a result of a land dispute with family members.

Ms Cissy Nakiganda reportedly demolished rentals that were constructed on a 50x50ft piece of contested land in Kibuye. According to Nakiganda, the rentals were not profitable.

Nakiganda adds that she needed to sell off the plot of land to raise money for daughter Stecia Mayanja, who is presently in Canada in poor health, to help with the cost of her prescription medications.

The singer-turned-actress, Stecia Mayanja, left the country for Canada in June to get better medication following multiple admissions to hospital with high blood pressure and heart complications.

Nakiganda says she had tried to establish a new business on the the aforementioned piece of property, however she has been unsuccessful due to  sabotage from her close family relatives and siblings, who have done everything in their power to stop her from achieving her goals.

Nakiganda adds that she had made several attempts to secure loans from the bank using the land as collateral, however faced similar challenges from her relatives.

Nakiganda’s siblings, however, claim the land upon which she intends to use to start a new business, is not entirely hers.

In her defence, Nakiganda claims that her mother Joweria Namuli gave her that property.

She therefore advises her siblings to stop fighting over her property, and instead to work hard so that they can afford their own.

She says that this is not the first time her siblings have dragged her to the Police over the same plot land.


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