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Ndeeba Land Compensation:‌ ‌Principal‌ ‌Judge‌ ‌Halts‌ ‌Payment‌ ‌of‌ ‌UGX‌ ‌3.8b‌ ‌

UGANDA, Ndeeba | Real Muloodi News | The High Court in Kampala, led by the Principal Judge, Dr Flavian Zeija, has stopped the USh 3.8 billion compensation plan to city businessman, Dodoviko Mwanje, over the disputed St Peter’s Church of Uganda land in Ndeeba.

The Principal Judge made the ruling following an application filed by Lucy Nsubuga, the administrator of the estate of the late Evelyne Nachwa, the alleged owner of the land where Ndeeba church sat.

The Principal Judge noted that the said compensation should wait until they determine the ownership of the land claimed by Mr Mwanje. This decision was after Nsubuga challenged the parliamentary resolution in the Adhoc Committee report that approved the payment to Mr Mwanje.

In February this year, the government presented to parliament a supplementary budget to aid the compulsory acquisition of land of the Ndeeba Church of Uganda, which was razed down in 2020.

Although parliament had queried the move, an Ad Hoc committee on land compensation led by Veronica Eragu Bichetero on May 11, 2021, approved the payment of 3.8 billion Shillings to Mr Mwanje.

However, in an application filed by her lawyer, Jamir Mpiima, Mrs Nsubuga said that parliament decided in total disregard of her grievances. Regarding the high court’s judgement, it transferred the ownership of land to Mr Mwanje.

Mrs Nsubuga says the parliament’s Ad Hoc committee never contacted her before recommending the government to pay Mr Mwanje. Yet, she has the rightful information over ownership of the disputed land.


Ndeeba Land
President Museveni at church land in Ndeeba. Image Source: The Independent Uganda

Court had earlier ruled that Mr Mwanje was the rightful owner of the land in Kibuga Block 7 Plot 39 at Mengo, where St Peters Church of Uganda, Ndeeba, sat.

According to Mrs Nsubuga, the court led by the Land Division Judge, John Eudes Keitirima, based its decision on fabricated information given by Ambrose Tebyasa, a city lawyer, who claimed to have received instructions from her.

Mrs Nsubuga further argues that several appeals were lodged, challenging Justice Keitirima, who handed the church land to Mr Mwanje. She further says that principles of fairness dictate that all payments must await the conclusion of all court processes.

Mr Mwanje and 18 others are still facing criminal charges related to the theft of church property valued at over 850 million shillings, and conspiracy to demolish it. This case is still pending before the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala.


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