• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Wakiso Developers Unhappy as NEMA Moves to Pull Down Structures in Wetland

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | Developers in Kimbejja wetlands in Kira Municipality, Wakiso district, have raised the alarm over the National Environmental Management Authority’s (NEMA) mandate to demolish their structures. NEMA gave developers in Kimbejja a 24-day ultimatum to destroy their buildings so they can restore the wetland.

Mr Tonny Acidri, the NEMA deputy spokesperson, said, “NEMA has been undertaking periodic inspections of the wetlands in and around the Kampala Metropolitan area to find out their status.”

According to several reports, a few developers in Kimbejja did not follow the procedures required to build wetlands, resulting in a cessation of their construction projects and a requirement to vacate the premises.

Developers insist the land in question has land titles, even though it is in a lowland location.

One developer, John Musoke, said, “the houses in the surrounding area actually are in the lowland, and they have approved plans and structures.”

Mr Musoke further explained that the land under NEMA differs from the land they are building on.

In response, Mr Acidri said, “privately owned land is also subject to environmental impact assessment.” “If anyone has documentation to that effect, they are encouraged to check with the respective authorities for authenticity to see whether they are actual land titles.”

He further noted that NEMA has stopped giving developers permits to build in wetlands.

Developers say they have the required permissions and that Kira municipality authorities inspected and approved their constructions in Kimbejja. They further stated that everything they are doing is in line with NEMA environmental guidelines.

“Right now, we are trying to develop this land under the guidance of Kira municipality and the division, and what they actually told us is what we are doing. We excavated, put the stones underneath, the water is moving well and there are no floods here. We are ready,” said Mr Musoke.