• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

In April, President Yoweri Museveni assured the MP-elects at Kyankwanzi that implementing the Justice Bamugemereire land report will be a major preoccupation of his new cabinet, according to Watchdog Uganda.

Once the new cabinet implements this, Museveni said it would solve both current and historical issues that have existed in Buganda and Bunyoro. Museveni cited mailo land given to the chiefs and their collaborators in the regions by the British.

“I think this report shall help us to dismantle the old and barbaric laws that for long have hard-pressed our people, please help me to stabilize the situation once and for all,” Watchdog News Uganda quotes Museveni asking the new MPs.

The President further said that the commission’s report gives the government a means to deal with evictions, wetlands management, and road reserve provisions while connecting water pipes, laying cables of any sort, and passing electricity installations.

“Industrial revolution in the country has enabled land to have value. I want to thank Justice Bamugemereire and the team for the findings into the land issues that have affected many people in the country,” he said.

Watchdog Uganda further reported that the President also called upon the MPs to preach against land fragmentation. This is a vice that has escalated because of negligence of some leaders. 

Bamugemereire noted a few of the remedies the commission had come up with. These remedies will address the faults within the land: administration, management, acquisition.

The Commission, Watchdog Uganda reports, recommended that the government addresses the challenge of the perceived subservient position of customary land. This can be achieved by ensuring all land in Uganda, including customary, is registered.

“All land in the country should be put on a register after an adjudication process,” Bamugemereire was quoted by Watchdog Uganda.

The Bamugemereire Commission also recommends that they establish an institutional framework. This will work for customary land administration within the Uganda Land Services Bureau.

The Land dispute situation, Watchdog News Uganda says, was found to be problematic. This is because some wealthy individuals fraudulently acquire chunks of land. They do this by bribing through all the systems of land acquisition, administration, and registration, according to Bamugemereire.

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