• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

NSSF Workers House Has No Land Title – URBRA

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi NewsOfficials from the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA) revealed that the National Social Security Fund does not have a title for the land on which its headquarters, the iconic NSSF Workers’ House, is situated.

URBRA’s Chief Executive Officer, Martin Nsubuga, told the select committee investigating the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) saga that the title for the land is currently in the possession of Alcon, a firm with which NSSF had a dispute, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Fund.

Rita Nansasi, URBRA’s director of legal services, informed the committee that NSSF is pushing to obtain a special title for the land at the NSSF headquarters. NSSF officials confirmed that they are working to acquire a special title. The inquiry began earlier this week, and board members of NSSF, current management, and the two workers’ unions have given their input.

Nansasi also stated that the title held by Alcon was not a threat since a caveat had been issued on the same by the Fund. However, MPs on the committee argued that a caveat could not have been issued without the engagement of Alcon, which might have a claim on the land. It was said that the title deed was handed to Alcon as security.

The officials claimed that by the time the dispute was resolved by the Supreme Court, Alcon had exited Uganda and could not be traced. However, the Entebbe municipality MP, Michael Kakembo, rebuffed this claim, arguing that the legal representatives of the firm in the case with NSSF have offices at Workers’ House.

Nsubuga also told the committee that plots of land in Temangalo, of unspecified size, lacked titles. The regulator’s concern is that it is responsible for ensuring that all assets with title deeds belonging to pension funds are held by licensed custodians, in this case, URBRA. The regulator is equally concerned that NSSF holds the rest of the title deeds in-house, which is in contravention of the law. URBRA officials are expected to reappear before the committee next week.


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