• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Adjumani | Real Muloodi News | Land in Adjumani is governed according to the norms of the indigenous communities, per the customary land tenure system. The administrative authorities of the communities manage the land, such as elders, clan leaders, and tribal leaders. Therefore, the cultural chiefs of the Paloro Clan insist they should take the lead on any land issues. 

Cultural leaders assert that the police in Adjumani, North West Nile Region, make unnecessary arrests. They say that, in contrast, clans continue their efforts to solve border issues peacefully.

Mr Emmanuel Inyani, one of the Cultural Chiefs of the Paloro Clan, said that the chiefs express deep concerns when land disputes are taken directly to the police. He explains, “we want to solve this ourselves… we know our borders best.”

The General Secretary of Adjumani District Elders Forum, Mr Doha Mahmoud, said that even though cultural leaders of different clans agree to resolve border disputes peacefully through meetings, the police continue to arrest community members.

He said, “we have resolved in a meeting the land issues between clans and there should not be any more arrests. Why are the police not honoring our recommendations?”

On the other hand, the Police Spokesperson for the North-West Nile Region, Mr Ignatius Dragudu, argued that even though cultural leaders have advised the police to desist from handling land issues, the police know the law. He says cultural leaders can handle some issues locally according to their level. However, the police land officers are professionally responsible to handle escalated land matters. 

“Even though cultural leaders know the boundaries, the police land officers handle any land issues through the directorate from the [National] police headquarters.” Mr Dragudu said. 

The inability of local leaders and government agencies to cooperate to settle various land affairs in Adjumani District has led to several arrests of cultural leaders and government agency supervisors.

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