• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Soon after President Museveni met the Kabaka of Buganda to discuss the proposed land amendments, Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, shared the proposed amendments to the Land Act with Members of Parliament. The proposed land reforms will address land disputes in regions governed by Mailo Land Tenure.

During the 32nd Heroes’ Day celebrations at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, the President disapproved of the Mailo Land tenure system. In response, the Kabaka of Buganda opposed the abolition of Mailo Tenure during his 28th coronation anniversary.

It has since been clarified that the proposed land amendments will not abolish the Mailo Land Tenure, but will protect bibanja holders, protect people from land grabbers, and stop landlords from illegally evicting their tenants. 

Ms Nabbanja gave her remarks in a meeting with Mr Thomas Tayebwa, Government Chief Whip, the NRM committee chairpersons, their deputies, and regional and committee whips. 

Ms Nabbanja said, “He [President Museveni] talked about the amendment of the Land Act. He said we should amend the land law so that when bibanja owners pay their busuulu [ground rent] and their landlords are not available, bibanja owners pay their busuulu to the sub-county chiefs.” 

She continued, “our bibanja owners have lost land because their landlords sometimes [deliberately] hide themselves and when they go to court, they say [so-and-so] did not pay busuulu. This must stop and as leaders, it’s our responsibility to protect and defend people from evictions,”

During the meeting, Mr Tayebwa vowed to rally relevant stakeholders to support the amendments. “There are people spreading fake news on the proposed land amendments and distorting facts… it’s our duty to counter these lies and give people the right information. Ours is a pro-people government, we cannot bring a bad law. There should be no cause for alarm; the Bill will protect bibanja holders and landlords and ensure peace and stability in the country,” he explained.

Furthermore, Ms Nabbanja, under the President’s directive, shared that parliament will prioritize “advancing laws that would advance common good, support environment protection, and concentrate on major issues that aim at fighting corruption.”


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