• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

UGANDA, Luweero | Real Muloodi News | A land meeting was held in the villages of Lusanja and Kikerege in Katikamu Sub-County, Luwero District, where it is alleged that one Muwanga wants to evict more than 600 residents from their Bibanja.

The meeting was organised two weeks ago by the office of the NRM National Chairperson Coordinator (ONC) for Greater Luwero Wasswa Tamale Abdul Karim having received instructions from President Museveni to protect the Bibanja residents.

Recent findings indicate that the victims have been paying Busuulu to the Buganda Land Board (BLB), but were taken aback when Mr Muwanga appeared, claiming ownership of the same land where he had been a Kibanja occupant for many years.

Despite repeated attempts to contact him, Muwanga refused to attend meetings or answer phone calls and failed to provide any evidence of his ownership of the land in question.

Furthermore, Muwanga had coerced some residents into sharing their plots with him, promising them permanent land ownership, and had received millions of shillings from them for the same land.

The so-called landlord Muwanga, who declined to attend the meeting out of concern for being detained by the Luwero RDC Richard Bwabye, is alleged to have bribed the LC 1 Chairpersons for both the villages of Lusanga and Kikerege.

The ONC Coordinator, Wasswa Tamale Abdul Karim, has issued a directive for all activities taking place on a certain land to halt until concerned parties meet at the RDC’s office and provide proof of ownership.

Tamale informed residents that President Museveni had instructed the ONC to protect peasants on the Bibanja through their Head SPA/PA, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo.

In response, the RDC of Luwero, Richard Bwabye, promised to provide necessary security to residents until Mr Muwanga proves ownership of the land in question to his office, and no evictions should be carried out.