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UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The Director and Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Mr Rajiv Ruparelia, and Dr Lawrence Muganga have committed to maintaining high standards and continue producing quality graduates that are well-prepared for the job market and capable of creating jobs.

The university, which became the 11th private chartered university in Uganda, recently celebrated the acquisition of a charter, the highest license granted by the regulator of institutions of higher learning, which was signed by President Yoweri Museveni on July 31, 2022, and presented to the university by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in August 2022.

Victoria University’s leaders respectively, spoke at the event, highlighting the university’s global reach and commitment to excellence.

Dr Muganga noted that Victoria University does not see itself as just an African university but a worldwide institution, with a student community from 51 countries.

He said, “So we want to be a university that of course serves Ugandan, Sub-Saharan African, South Africans, but most importantly, serves the entire world.”

He said that the university aims to offer value that changes the lives of every person who comes to the institution and that they will achieve the highest standard needed for an internationally recognised university.

“That means that if we take our education elsewhere around the country like we have done in Africa, in the rest of the world, we occupy a space where we offer value that every person who comes to Victoria University experiences something that changes their lives,” said Dr Muganga.

Dr Muganga added that the Law Council has approved the university’s law program, and the institution can now teach the course up to the Master’s level.

Victoria University
Mr Rajiv Ruparelia (2nd right), Victoria University Director and Dr Lawrence Muganga (middle), the university Vice Chancellor after presenting an award to the overall staff winner 2022 at the event. Image source: PML Daily

Mr Ruparelia urged the management team to uphold the school’s integrity and standards and ensure that graduates systematically know how to transpire value onto the market.

He said that the university must compete with global institutions around the world and produce graduates capable of creating jobs, not just those who are ready to enter the job market.

He also revealed that the university is looking to open campuses in major cities in Uganda, intending to become the number one downtown habit City campus university.

Mr. VC says they are not relaxing after achieving the charter “until we achieve the highest standard you would ever need in an internationally recognised university.”

Mr Ruparelia emphasised the importance of focusing on the quality of graduates and building a network of alumni and former teachers around the world.

He encouraged graduates to use their acquired knowledge to access international markets through available platforms.

He also said that the university occupies a space where they offer value that changes the lives of everyone who comes to Victoria University.

“We don’t need to be in England to be giving a service to England. We don’t need to be in America to be giving services to America. We can be sitting here in Uganda, and giving services around the world,” said Mr Ruparelia.

The acquisition of a charter by Victoria University is a significant achievement for the institution, as it allows the university to award its degrees and ensures that the institution meets the highest standards of academic excellence.

The charter also signals to the international community that Victoria University is an institution of higher learning of good standing, capable of producing high-quality graduates.

In conclusion, Victoria University’s commitment to maintaining high standards and producing quality graduates capable of creating jobs is commendable.

The university’s global reach and ambition to offer value that changes the lives of everyone who comes to the institution are admirable.

The acquisition of a charter is a significant achievement, and the university’s plan to open campuses in major cities in Uganda is a step towards making quality education more accessible.


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