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Real Muloodi Bhailal Babulal Shah of Tirupati Sarjan, Has Died at Age 76

UGANDA, KampalaReal Muloodi NewsBhailal Babulal Shah, age 76, died yesterday, December 3rd, 2021, leaving behind an impressive legacy. Mr Shah held the position of Chairman at Titan Laboratories Pvt Ltd, and was the former Chairman at Tirupati Sarjan Ltd. He also served on the board of Tonira Pharma Ltd. (former Chairman) and Tirupati Developers Uganda Ltd.

Mr Shah, resigned from Tirupati Sarjan in July this year, due to personal reasons.

Tirupati Sarjan Ltd. is a leading provider of civil construction and real estate development. The Company has focused on residential an commercial projects in major cities of Gujarat, including the high end luxury residential project Triupati Akruti Greenz in Ahmedabad, comprising 432 luxury 2 & 3 bedroomed apartments.

Aroma Tirupati Aakruti Greenz in Ahmedabad, India. Bhailal Babulal Shah
Aroma Tirupati Aakruti Greenz in Ahmedabad, India. Image source: Ganesh Housing

The Company expanded to Uganda in 2006, under the subsidiary Tirupati Developers Uganda (Ltd TDUL), with focus in residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects, under Mr Bhailal Babulal Shah’s guidance as a Board Member.

Incorporating as Tirupati Group (U) in 2008, Tirupati has successfully completed over 15 major commercial and residential projects, to include Tirupati House in Kamwokya suburb of Kampala, Owino Market, a development in the Kisenyi Area, the upscale Bugolobi Executive Apartments, and Nkumba Village a mixed-use development consisting of university student hostels and a shopping mall, near the campus of Nkumba University.

The Group is also behind Tirupati Business Park, a pioneering project in Uganda comprising 150 warehouses on a 15 acre piece of land, which was inaugurated by President Yoweri Museveni in 2015.

In 2010, Tirupati was recognized for ‘Introduction of a Novel And Competitive Product In East African Region’, during the 16th Annual Investor of the Year Award Ceremony held by the Uganda Investment Authority. It was in regard to Tirupati’s Owino Market in Kisenyi.

The Tirupati Group has successfully completed projects worth USD 24 million approximately to sale and lease. In addition, the company has accumulated stock in real estate worth USD 15.7 million and undeveloped land assets totaling USD 9 million, aggregating an asset base of USD 25 million.

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