• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | Around 1,000 residents from three villages in Namayumba Sub-County, Wakiso District, have accused their local chairpersons, area police, and a land surveyor of collaborating to force them off a highly disputed piece of land.

The conflict revolves around the grandchildren of Gabudyeri Lubajja and has drawn in over 1,000 bibanja holders who have settled on the land in Busamba-Kinyika, Kanziro-Gayaza, and Ngodwe villages.

Tensions escalated when some dissatisfied family members enlisted the help of a third party, Ms Berna Nakato, who purchased a portion of the land.

During a security meeting held in Busamba Village, residents expressed their concerns to Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba, claiming that their lives are in danger due to intimidation by bouncers allegedly hired by Ms Nakato.

The bouncers have reportedly set up camp in the village, threatening anyone who refuses to relinquish part of their land to Ms Nakato.

Residents claimed that Ms Nakato insisted on obtaining 70% of their land and that the bouncers would resort to kidnapping and other threats if they resisted.

Some villagers also alleged that their village chairperson supported the bouncers and warned them to comply with the surveyor’s instructions or face consequences.

Residents voiced their frustration with the local police, accusing them of failing to assist them in the situation. When individuals attempted to report cases at Namayumba Police Post and Kakiri Police Station, they claimed that their statements were refused and the police showed bias towards Ms Nakato.

The residents stormed Kawempe Police Station to express their grievances, but the District Police Commander denied allegations of mistreating the bibanja holders.

Similarly, the Wakiso District Resident Commissioner stated that she was unaware of any harassment against the bibanja holders instigated by the police.

Minister Judith Nabakooba, who had issued caveats in December 2022 to halt any further activities on the land, was surprised by the recent developments.

She learned that Ms Nakato had acquired an additional 200 acres of land on the same block.

Ms Nabakooba also discovered that Ms Nakato had produced 33 subtitles for former bibanja holders, contrary to a pending court case and the minister’s directive.

In response, the minister directed the regional police commander to arrest the bouncers, clarifying that their presence was unnecessary and demanding that they never set foot on the land again.

The meeting revealed that the land dispute primarily involves family members.

Minister Nabakooba urged the family members to resolve their issues and cease threatening the bibanja holders, emphasising the need for a peaceful resolution.


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