• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi NewsA State House official is facing allegations of unlawfully interfering with the estate of a deceased person without following the proper legal process.

The official reportedly authored a report and issued directives against the administrators of the late Doreen Muhebwa Ainomugisha’s estate, violating the principles of allowing all involved parties to have a chance to be heard.

Mr Albinos Asiimwe, the administrator of the late Ainomugisha’s estate, through his lawyers, CMS and Company Advocates, raised concerns about the report.

They argue that it was not served to Mr Asiimwe and contained contradictions and misinterpretation of facts, rendering it illegal, biased, and irrational.

The report made observations and findings about the estate and agreements allegedly signed by the deceased, but Mr Asiimwe was not allowed to refute or confirm the allegations.

The property in question is located in Wandegeya – Mulago, Kampala. In response to the State House official’s actions, Mr Asiimwe filed a case before the High Court, which is currently pending a hearing and determination.

However, the State House official violated the sub-judice rule, which prohibits making comments on matters before the court.

Mr Asiimwe’s lawyers have demanded that the State House official withdraw the report, warning that they will initiate legal proceedings against her if she fails to do so.

They emphasised that the State House official has no legal authority to prevent Mr Asiimwe from accessing the premises, as the court has granted him the power to administer the property.

They urged any party with concerns to file a complaint with the police and seek an injunction from the court.

Earlier this year, family members of the late Ainomugisha, led by Mr Asiimwe, accused a soldier from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces of unlawfully taking possession of the deceased’s property.

A case involving forgery and uttering false documents was filed against Lt. Bob Semmakula, who serves in the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Although Lt. Semmakula did not appear in court, his co-accused were granted bail.

Mr Asiimwe also reported a case of criminal trespass against Lt. Semakula, but no action has been taken thus far.

In response to the accusations against the State House official, Mr Farouk Kirunda, the Deputy Senior Presidential Press Secretary, explained that the report originated from a security meeting chaired by the Resident City Commissioner of Kampala.

Mr Kirunda clarified that the meeting involved all relevant parties and was held to address security concerns surrounding the disputed property.

Amidst these allegations and legal proceedings, Mr Asiimwe and his legal team are seeking a fair resolution to the dispute over the late Ainomugisha’s estate.

They call on the authorities in the UPDF, ISO, and State House Anti-Corruption Unit to intervene and ensure justice prevails. The aim is to address the concerns raised and ensure that the rightful administration of the property is upheld.


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