• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

UGANDA, Masaka Real Muloodi News | Businessman Omar Mandela Ahmed is warring with inhabitants of the Kijjabwemi Commercial District over 3.5 acres of land which has been leased to his City Oil Company.

Six individuals who live on the contested land, located at plot 10 on Masaka-Mbarara bypass, oppose the businessman’s plans to redevelop it.

The affected homeowners question how Mandela’s acquired the certificate of title on the disputed land. On Wednesday last week, residents stopped a group of temporary labourers from fencing off the area for construction.

Residents, led by Emmanuel Lwasa and John Bosco Kiseka, accuse the old Masaka Municipal Council of defrauding them by selling their land and transferring it to Mandela.

According to Kisekka, people have been living on the land and using it for various purposes, yet they too have the capacity to develop it. He demands to know how it was transferred to another individual before they were given preference as seated occupants.

Another settler, Emmanuel Lwasa, claims to be a valid resident who has always honoured his rental responsibilities to the owner. He’s perplexed about how the land’s ownership changed without their knowledge. He claims he is unwilling to leave the land without compensation or the opportunity to purchase his ownership stake.

According to Deus Kato Luyimbazi, who owns a commercial property on the disputed land, the land originally belonged to his late father, Paul Luyimbaazi. He says his father obtained a lease from Masaka Municipal Council in 1960, which is still running.

The conflict has attracted the notice of Masaka City Deputy Resident Commissioner Hajj Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi, who has requested the opposing parties to refrain from using force to resolve the current issue.

He claims that his research has proven that the contentious land was transferred to Mandela with the approval of the old Masaka Municipal Council, the property’s registered owners.

About Omar Mandela Ahmed

Omar Mandela owns the Mandela Group. His City Tyres is one of the biggest and most successful tyre outlets in Uganda. His other business interests include City Retread, City Oil and Café Javas. Café Javas found at City Oil Wandegeya and Nakumatt Shopping Mall are highly praised for their quality food.


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