• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | A long overdue infrastructure initiative is planned for Kampala City roads. The $909m (about Shs3.2 trillion) initiative is being funded by donors, the government and lenders.

According to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), the projects under this new initiative will begin early next year.

KCCA data reveals that Kampala city has a road network of close to 2,110km, and of these, only about 646km are tarmacked. The city authorities spend almost USh 30 billion every year on road maintenance through endeavours like repairing potholes on paved roads, even though some streets like Namuwongo return to the status quo just days after the patchwork.

The critical project in the initiative is the Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation project (KCRRP) that will cost USh. 1 trillion, which is expected to resurrect a few of the worst roads in Kampala that have potholes out-competing the remaining patches of tarmac. The state of the city road accounts for almost half the total number of accidents in the country.

The expectation upon project completion is to widen the city’s road network, improve junctions and security, allow a smooth flow of traffic and improve air quality by introducing eco-bus transit services on schedule and expansion of Non-Motorised Traffic (NMT) networks, including walkways and cycling tracks.

In Greater Kampala, including Wakiso and Mukono, USh 917 billion has been allocated to the Urban Development Programme expected to start in January next year. This programme is under the Ministry of Local Government, aiming to create jobs, slum upgrading and low-cost housing.

The current street lighting in Kampala stands at 8 per cent, but the authority plans to increase it up to 100 per cent through the installation of 35,000 street lights. The government has allocated 77 million Euros to this project.

The initiative also aims at widening, upgrading, and constructing junctions. KCCA will construct steel flyovers at five strategic junctions, including Mpererwe, Rosebury, Namasole, Kamwokya and Kabalagala. The Government of Japan gave Uganda a grant worth Shs. 89 billion to improve 30 intersections from uncontrolled systems to signalisation.

The project will also focus on institutional and systems development to support and strengthen the capacity of KCCA to deliver on its mandate. This includes the construction of a traffic control centre to enable KCCA to manage traffic in the city.

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