• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Arua City Attempts to Evict One-Stop Youth Centre Occupants

UGANDA, Arua | Real Muloodi News | Authorities in Arua City have given occupants of the One Stop Youth Center 20 days to vacate or face forceful eviction. The move is aimed at paving the way for the renovation of the facility, which is in a deplorable state.

In an eviction notice, Arua City Deputy Town Clerk, Jobile Cornelius, stated that the renovation was necessary to prevent further damage to the centre’s leaking roof.

“Following the assessment of the leaking of the roof of the one-stop youth centre, the city council has decided to renovate the roof to avoid any further damage. During the renovation, no person shall be allowed to occupy the premises,” reads part of the eviction notice.

The facility, located in Niva Cell along Enyau Road in Arua City Central Division, was irregularly rented out to private firms and organizations by former members of the Arua Municipality Youth Council.

Favourite Edeti, Arua City Youth Council Chairperson, expressed disappointment that the facility was rented out irregularly, defeating its intended purpose.

He added that their priority is to revamp the facility’s operations as a hub for the young people in the city.

Meanwhile, Francis Bayo, the Ayivu Division Youth Council Chairperson, welcomed the proposed eviction of the occupants, saying that they haven’t seen the benefit of the facility due to mismanagement by some individuals.

He urged the City Council to conduct a forensic audit of the centre’s operations before handing it over to the youth council.

Doreen Onyiru, the Arua City Female Youth Councillor, revealed that the eviction of the occupants was long overdue since the One Stop Youth Centre has been lying idle.

She noted that several pieces of furniture meant for the centre were lost to unscrupulous individuals who took advantage of the situation.

The One Stop Youth Centre was constructed in 2014 at Shillings 80 million with support from the UN-Habitat.

The facility was meant to provide youth and children with information and services on reproductive health, sports, and culture.

Some of the firms that have been renting the facility include Kipaji West Nile Skills Training Centre, Amani Initiative, and Development Initiative West Nile, among others.


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