• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Brig James Kinaalwa Refuses to Leave Contested Kayunga Land

UGANDA, Kayunga Real Muloodi NewsLast week, a group of Kayunga leaders and citizens organised a protest against Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) commander whom they accused of disobeying instructions to evacuate a disputed plot of land.

The protesters accuse Brig James Kinaalwa of unlawfully acquiring a prime piece of land near the Kayunga Town offices and the Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital.

During the demonstration, the group led by Kayunga Sub-county Speaker Mr Steven Ssebaana carried signs that read: “Brig Kinaalwa, you should vacate the Kayunga land. Nobody is above the law.”

They invaded the building site with images of the decorated army commander, which they later placed over the iron sheet barrier.

They also carried all letters addressed to the brigadier by Kayunga Chief Administrative Officer, Ms Roselyne Adong, instructing him to leave the area.

“How can a full UPDF officer who knows the law defy orders by the district authorities to vacate our land? We are asking for President Museveni’s intervention,” Mr Ssebaana said.

Later, police came, subdued the demonstrators, and granted them entry to the construction site, where they forced the employees to stop all further building activities.

The demonstrators’ action caught the eye of Kayunga Town officials, patients, and hospital personnel, who became witnesses to the spectacle.

“We shall bring our beddings and sleep here if he doesn’t vacate this land,” Ms Prossy Naava, the Kayunga Town Council secretary for health, said.

Brig James Kinaalwa’s Viewpoint

Brig Kinaalwa, who claims to have purchased the 70ft by 100ft plot of land from the Buganda Land Board (BLB), was not present at the contested site, where he intends to erect a multi-story commercial structure.

Brig Kinaalwa, on the other hand, stated that he purchased the site for USh35 million and asked why Mengo was not the one challenging his occupation of the area.

“Let them go to court if they think I just grabbed this land,” Brig Kinaalwa said.

Mr Dennis Bugaya, the BLB’s spokesman, declined to comment.

Mr Ssempala Kigozi, the Kayunga Resident District Commissioner (RDC), who had earlier told the brigadier to cease construction activities, claimed his office had received complaints from Kayunga Sub-county leaders.

He stated his intention to invite Brig Kinaalwa to hear his version of the matter.

“I am going to summon all parties involved in this saga so that I get the truth,” the RDC said.

The UPDF spokesperson, Ms Flavia Byekwaso, stated that Brig Kinaalwa was acting in his own capacity and not on behalf of the UPDF.

“If the council feels it is not satisfied, there are other channels to take,” Brig Byekwaso said in a phone interview.

Kayunga District has become a hotspot of land squabbles, attracting the attention of President Museveni, who is yet to address the issue.


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