• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Kisoro | Real Muloodi NewsRobert Mukiza, the Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), has announced intentions to title all donated land where 25 industrial parks are being built in various regions of the nation by 2022. He said that this is in addition to providing all other required services and infrastructure to entice investors.

Mr Mukiza was speaking at an event hosted by Bafumbira leaders at the Tourist Hotel in Kisoro Municipality, attended by local religious, political, and thought leaders. He expressed gratitude to President Museveni for appointing him as executive director of the Uganda Investments Authority in Kisoro.

Mr Mukiza credited the Kisoro district leaders’ support and unity for his appointment as UIA Director General in June 2021.

Sarah Nyirabashitsi Mateke, the Kisoro Woman Member of Parliament and State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs praised everyone who supported Mukiza and urged him to make Kisoro proud.

The politicians in attendance commended President Yoweri Museveni for choosing Robert Mukiza as the Director-General of UIA.

During the ceremony, Kisoro district leaders and residents appealed to Mukiza to prioritise Kisoro anytime his department had an opportunity. Residents also urged local leaders and others to stay unified to enjoy the benefits of the central government.

Mr Mukiza promised to prioritise Kisoro when constructing industrial parks in the country’s upcoming plans, which aim to build five industrial parks.

He stated that the area in Kibaaya set aside for the park will be inspected and secured by January 2022, enabling additional infrastructure development, including roads, power, and industrial water.

Mr Mukiza also praised the government for continuing to build highways in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which he claims would generate market links for Ugandan-produced items once the industrial parks are up and running.

“I want to thank all the district local governments in Uganda that donated land on which the planned 25-industrial parks are to be constructed in a period of five years. I want to specifically thank the Kisoro district local government that donated 620 acres of land located near the Democratic Republic of Congo border with Uganda. Plans are underway to have all the donated land titled, connected with utilities such as roads, electricity, industrial water, and internet to them attractive to the investors,” Mr Mukiza said.

He urged Ugandans to plan for the trained labour necessary in the whole operation of industrial parks to avoid the recruitment of foreigners, as these parks are intended to create jobs for Ugandans.


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