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Cost and Considerations for Your Kitchen Renovation

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Are you considering remodelling your kitchen, but don’t have any idea about what it will cost? Find out what a kitchen remodel will typically cost and how to save money on your new dream kitchen.

This article looks at how to estimate the cost of remodelling, types of kitchen renovations, things you need to consider, e.g. cabinets, labour costs, etc., and tips to save money during repairs. 

Let’s get started!

Cost Estimation

According to Renovation Cost, Uganda’s average kitchen renovation costs between US$12,800 (USh 44m) and US$21,200 (USh 74m), with an average cost of US$16,600 (or USh 525,00 per square foot).

Yes, that’s a big difference in range, but kitchens (and kitchen renovations) vary widely depending on many factors, such as the kitchen renovation’s style, size, and requirements. Even the location can make a difference, for example, the costs are likely to be higher in Mukono, Central Region than they are in Lira, Northern Region.

Another factor to keep in mind is exchange rates if you are importing materials from outside Uganda.

Smaller kitchens will generally cost less, and there are ways to reduce your budget, such keeping the layout the same, using less expensive components such as refacing or painting cabinets instead of purchasing new cabinets, keeping the existing countertops or flooring, etc.

Conversely, renovations for bigger projects and kitchens may cost over USh70m if they involve relocating plumbing and include more costly features and finishes, such as new cabinets, marble countertops and high-end imported appliances.

The Renovations

Typically, homeowners will spend between 5% to 15% of a home’s total value on their kitchen renovation.

Depending on your budget, it is possible to provide a range for renovation costs for several different categories of kitchen renovation. 

Below are three budget categories for you to review and select which renovation type is best suited. 

Economic/Basic Kitchen Renovation

This category targets small-scale renovations, focusing on cosmetic items, like the kitchen’s layout and things that remain unchanged but refurbished, e.g. fresh coat of paint, new door handles, new flooring, countertops, or lights. An economic renovation is quick and helps owners sell their homes faster. Here is a break down of costs that can go into a basic kitchen renovation;

Basic Kitchen Renovation Costs

Product or Service Cost Range
Electrical Wiring N/A
Plumbing N/A
Kitchen Designer Fee N/A
Cabinetry Installation $100 Per Cabinet
New Appliances (Material – install) $3000 (for 5 pieces)
Flooring (supply & Install) $5 Square feet
Permits N/A
Cabinet Refacing material $80 Linear foot
Countertop supply & Install $350
Backsplash N/A
Painting $2 sq ft
Cabinet Hardware $4 ea
Middle Kitchen Renovation

While retaining the structural integrity of the kitchen, under the middle renovation category, the homeowner uses upscale materials for finishing, flooring, lighting, etc. This type of renovation saves money on structural changes such as relocating plumbing or wiring, however provides for a luxury, high-end appearance.

Middle Kitchen Renovation Costs

Product or Service Cost Range
Electrical Wiring N/A
Plumbing N/A
Kitchen Designer Fee N/A
Cabinetry Installation $270
New Appliances (Material – install) $7000 (for 5 pieces)
Flooring Install $9 Square feet
Permits N/A
Cabinet Refacing $380
Countertop Installation $850
Backsplash $450
Painting $4 sq ft
Cabinet Hardware $7 ea
Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Luxury renovations include structural changes and remodelling of the entire or partial kitchen and use of upscale materials for finishings, flooring, etc. The luxury category is the most extreme of the four options. Lets look at the cost breakdown: 

Luxury Kitchen Renovation Costs

Product or Service Cost Range
Electrical Wiring $2250
Plumbing $3750
Kitchen Designer Fee $200
Cabinetry Installation $400
New Appliances $21000 (for 5 pieces)
Flooring (supply & Install) $15 Square feet
Permits N/A
Cabinets $980
Countertop $4500
Backsplash $870
Painting $8 sq.ft
Cabinet Hardware $14 ea
What to Consider

Kitchen Size

The most significant factor that affects the budget is the size of your kitchen. A small kitchen is considered less than 75 square feet. Medium-sized kitchens are typically 150-175 square feet, and large kitchens are estimated to be over 200 square feet.


These have limitless options, depending on the materials used. High-end materials such as granite or quartz are highly prized; they give you a classic appearance while being durable. However, materials such as Formica or concrete are more budget-friendly. Countertops range from US$40 per square foot to US$250 per square foot.


This is the most common part of the kitchen that can be changed or replaced during a renovation. The cost varies depending on the size, materials, location, etc. 

Types of Cabinets include: 

  1. Stock: refer to premade cabinets boxes that are built by the manufacturer based on industry-standard styles and measurements.
  2. Semi-Custom: these can be customised, e.g., cabinet depth, door front, etc.
  3. Custom: you need to engage a cabinet maker or carpenter

After choosing your cabinets, include the cost of installation. Installation costs 50-70% of the cost of the cabinets.


Prices of appliances vary based on your needs and preferences. Here are different types of appliances to consider:

  • Standard Appliances: basic features, not durable like expensive models. Cost: US$200 – US$2000
  • Energy Star Appliances: costly but lower utility bills and more extended life Cost: US$300 to US$3,000.
  • Top – Tier Appliances: costly, worth the investment as they have a longer life. If you are a food lover or love to entertain, this option is for you as it comes with great extra features. Cost: US$4000 and above

Labour Costs

Your renovation labour costs will depend on your location, the size of the kitchen, and the complexity of the renovation project. Labor generally represents about 15 to 30 per cent of the cost of a kitchen remodel, with materials accounting for the other 70 to 85 percent.

Budget-saving Tips
  • You don’t need to change your entire countertop if it doesn’t have significant damage; retile, refinish, sand it, and save money.
  • Just repaint, reface or refinish your cabinets if they are in good working condition. It is much cheaper than buying new ones. 
  • To get a new look for your cabinets, replace the knobs on your drawers!
  • Work with a kitchen designer; they can help you manage your budget and save you money.
  • If you don’t care much about appearance, go for scratched or dented appliances. You can save anywhere between 10-30% by choosing from these options. 

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