• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Bundibugyo | Real Muloodi News | A devastating fire broke out at Christ Secondary School in Nyahuka Town Council, Bundibugyo District, on Tuesday 20th June 2023 destroying property worth millions of shillings in the boys’ dormitory.

No injuries or casualties have been reported, as the incident occurred during afternoon study hours when students were attending classes.

Mr Peter Bwambale, the school headteacher, shared that at approximately 2:30 pm, thick smoke emanated from the boys’ dormitory.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, but suspicions point to a possible electric short circuit due to intermittent power supply in the area.

“We saw a lot of smoke from the boy’s dormitory at around 2:30 pm as students attended studies in classes. We have not yet identified the cause of the fire but the electricity has been on and off so we suspect it might have been an electric short circuit,” Bwambale said.

The fire engulfed various belongings, including mattresses, beds, jerrycans, clothing, and money. Despite their attempts to contain the flames using water and soil, the fire rapidly spread, rendering their efforts futile.

“The fire was spreading too fast, we tried to use water and soil to contain it but it was impossible. We did not manage to rescue any property and everything was burnt to ashes,” Bwambale added.

Bwambale expressed regret that no property could be saved, as everything was reduced to ashes.

The local police were eventually alerted, but their response was hindered by the absence of a nearby fire brigade in Fort Portal City.

As a result, they could only observe as the fire continued to ravage the dormitory.

Mr Godwin Tumusabe, a member of the school board, expressed relief that no students were harmed in the inferno, although their personal belongings were lost.

The police commander of Bundibugyo, Mr Aggrey Okumu, confirmed the incident and assured that investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire.

This unfortunate event at Christ Secondary School bears resemblance to a similar incident in 2021, where a boys’ dormitory at Haven High School, also located in Nyahuka Town Council, Bundibugyo District, was completely consumed by fire, leaving behind unanswered questions.

Parents and guardians have been urged to remain calm as the school administration plans to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the way forward.


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