• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The government, through the Minister of Works and Transport, General Edward Katumba, has promised to continue supporting surveyors through their Association, the Institution of Surveyors in Uganda (ISU), and their regulatory body, the Surveyors Registration Board (SRB).

This happened while officiating a Pre-Annual General Meeting for surveyors held at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Sustainable Urban Development; The Role of Land and Built Environment Professionals.’

General Katumba told surveyors that government is aware of the need to review the legal framework governing the surveyors.

“We appreciate that a lot still has to be done especially in supporting with reviewing the legal framework for the surveyors, right from engaging our sister Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development as regards to delegating my Ministry with the legal formulation process, especially for the quality surveyors. We will also show support with the Lands Ministry as it tables the Valuation Bill and Amendments to the Survey Act,” he noted.

He added that surveyors play an important role, especially with the land. He says as experts in land and environmental matters, surveyors, are essential to the country’s development.

He advised surveyors especially in the private sector to understand the role they play in strengthening the fundamentals of the economy which include infrastructure of energy, transport, water, oil and gas among others.

He pledged that as a ministry, they will continue to provide the strategic direction in land-related infrastructure development, saying the bulk of the construction must be undertaken by private surveyors.

“Government also continues to recognize and appreciate the role of surveyors. For example in 2019 the section of Valuation in Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development was upgraded to a full department of valuation with the objective of streamlining the valuation services offered in the country, all which will contribute to growth of the profession. I am optimistic that the same kind of growth will expand to other surveyors and land surveyors. I pledge full support.” Katumba said.

He said that his ministry will continue to open its doors to the discussion of relevant regulations and rekindle Bills that, when enacted will go a long way in streamlining the Surveying profession.

Dr Nathan Kibwami, the president of ISU noted that as surveyors, they still have several challenges with many people masquerading in their profession who are not qualified, which creates a bad image.

He noted that massive sensitisation is still lacking in guiding the public on who the right surveyor is.

“We need new and, or updated laws to match up to the current surveying practices. We are often attacked and injured or killed while on duty – the recent incident being in Karamoja where our colleagues (mining surveyors) were attacked, and the earlier one last year in Gomba are only a few examples. We, therefore, need support from you, the government and relevant ministries. The role of the surveying professionals in the economic development of this country is paramount, and they should be supported,” he said.

Kibwami called for the expedition of the appointment of the Surveyors’ Registration Board, which is mandated by the Surveyors Registration Act (1974) by the Minister of Lands as it is in her mandate.

“Our regulatory Head is the Surveyors Registration Board, mandated by the Surveyors Registration Act (1974). Unfortunately we are yet to have a new board, as the previous term has expired (Rhetorically, we are currently Headless),” he said.

He noted that the ISU is a professional association that brings together land surveying, valuation surveying, quality surveying, mining and hydrological surveying professionals in Uganda, composing over 1600 members (25% women) who range from technicians to graduates, professional associates, professional members and fellows.

Kibwami concluded that “the world is grappling with how to achieve sustainable development goals, whereas, in Uganda, our National Development Plan 3 also emphasises programs on sustainable urbanisation. As professionals, what better place can we gather to chat about such agenda, other than a Pre-AGM conference like this.”


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