• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Sentema | Real Muloodi News | Ms Brenda Nalule, a Ugandan working as a housemaid in Dubai, always had the dream of being a homeowner.

Ms Brenda wanted to have a place she could call her home, where she could raise her two children, aged three and five.

Brenda had gone through a bitter separation with her husband. Adding insult to injury, her husband threw her out of the house. Left homeless, she ended up moving back to her mother’s house. 

While staying with her mother, Brenda realised she needed to support herself and her children, without depending on her ageing mother. This prompted her decision to go work in Dubai. 

“I wanted to give my children a happy childhood and decent life, as well as take care of my mother,” says Brenda.

Her plan was to save money from her wages in Dubai, then build a house and also start a business when she got back.

Brenda arrived in Dubai in 2018. She says it took her a while to adjust to life in Dubai.

“Life was not easy. My mind was on my children in the first days. I wanted to return home as soon as I could. But I had a purpose. I needed a house and a business. I decided to work hard and save as much as I could,” says Brenda.

Luckily, Brenda’s bosses allowed her to work for them and another relative of theirs, which enabled her to make some extra cash.

Brenda saved most of her salary and occasionally sent home some money to take care of her children.

To realise her dream of owning a home, Brenda had thought that perhaps she could send money to her mother to buy a plot of land, then build. 

However, on close examination, this plan was very faulty because it was easy for her money to fall into the hands of con men who sell fake land.

Brenda decided it would be best to buy an already constructed house if she could find an affordable one. She found a house while reading about Kabaka’s affordable Mirembe estate in Sentema.

In Mirembe Estate, one bedroom houses are at USh58 million, two-bedroom houses go for USh95 million, while three-bedroom houses cost USh135 million.

Brenda wanted a two-bedroom house and spoke to an agent of Mirembe Villas about her desire to buy a house.

The agent informed Brenda that she could pay for the house in instalments for at least two years.

Not long after seeing the agent, documents were prepared and Brenda started making instalments on her dream home, while still in Dubai. 

Brenda completed the entire payment and she hopes to move in when she returns to Uganda. She also expects to set up a shop in the upcoming mall in the estate.

“I am going to live in a house, sitting in an organised environment. I don’t need billions of shillings to buy myself this comfort. I thank Kabaka of Buganda for considering this project for low and medium-income earners,” says Brenda.

Mirembe Estate offers modern and organised living amenities like rubbish collection, power and water maintenance, landscape maintenance, CCTV surveillance, a kids’ playing area, shopping mall, 24/7 security, and estate management.

Guoji Group Company (U) Limited is the contractor in charge of Mirembe Estate in Sentema. They also built the ultra modern houses of Mirembe Villas, Kigo.


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