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UGANDA, Bugolobi | Real Muloodi News | Bugolobi is the quintessential high-class neighbourhood offering a world-class living experience, as indicated by the above-average rents and high selling prices that the area commands. 

The neighbourhood has many residential bungalows, commercial real estate developments, and lots of sizeable middle-class apartment complexes. 

Bugolobi is well-known for its proximity to many restaurants and bars on Bandali Rise. Despite this, the suburb remains quiet and is an excellent location for families.


Bugolobi is approximately 7 kilometres from Kampala’s Central Business District. Nakawa, Mbuya, Mutungo, Luzira, Muyenga, and Namuwongo surround Bugolobi, making it one of the exclusive suburbs with a truly central location. For this reason, Bugolobi has some of the most highly valued properties on the market in Kampala.

Shopping and Amenities

Bugolobi is home to one of the most well-known private hospitals in the country, Paragon Hospital. The neighbourhood has easy access to the Village Shopping Mall, the first home of the internationally renowned fast-food chain, KFC. Coffee lovers can also savour the wonderful food and coffee at Cafesserie. Additionally, the mall meets the needs of the residents by providing clothes shops, beauty centres, banks, electronic shops, a wine lounge, and so much more. 


The Village Mall Bugolobi.
The Village Mall Bugolobi. Image Source: TripAdvisor


The Village Mall Bugolobi.
The Village Mall Bugolobi. Image Source: Symbion International.

Residents have access to some of the most reputable international schools in the country; the Ambrosoli International School is on Binayomba Road in Bugolobi, while Rainbow International School is about a 20-minute drive away.

Ambrosoli International School
Ambrosoli International School. Image Source: International Schools Search.
Restaurants and Bars

Bugolobi is home to many popular restaurants and bars, to include Nawab’s Gardens Indian Restaurant, Mango Grove Bar and Restaurant, Mad Hatters Bar and Restaurant, and the Thrones Lounge Bar & Restaurant on Bandali Rise. The delightful Karibu Grill & Lounge can be found on Spring Road. The world-famous Banana Bar and Restaurant is around the corner on Luthuli Rise. You can also find Momo Shawarma by Cafesserie at the Villiage Mall, just to name a few.

Banana Bar, 26 Luthuli Rise, Bugolobi. Image Source: Google Maps


Banana Bar, 26 Luthuli Rise, Bugolobi
Banana Bar, 26 Luthuli Rise, Bugolobi. Image Source: Google Maps


Banana Bar, 26 Luthuli Rise, Bugolobi. Image Source: Google Maps
Real Estate

According to Cytonn Research, the rent in Bugolobi can go up to US$2000 per square meter. However, a recent report by Knight Frank shows a 6% year-on-year increase in the supply of apartment units coming onto the market, particularly in the prime residential areas, including Bugolobi. The increase in supply may cause a decrease in rent in the area as landlords try to remain competitive. 

On the slopes of Bugolobi Hill, the residences provide lovely views and a delightful ambience. There are many world-class hotels, such as the Dolphin Suites, Olive Garden Hotel, and Le Bougainvillier.

Royal Suites Gardens
Royal Suites Gardens. Image Source: Mikolo.
Price Range

Previously, high-end neighbourhoods, like Bugolobi, were filled with large mansions and bungalows. Still, Cytonn Research reports an increase in “high end apartments, mostly furnished, attracting rents of between USD 2,000-4,000 per month with exit prices of more than USD 200,000. They serve the expatriate population in Kampala and the high net worth individuals.”

These properties have average rental yields of 10.0% for two-bedroom apartments and 8.9% for three-bedroom apartments and occupancy rates as high as 80 per cent. 

Furnished apartments
Furnished apartments in Bugolobi. Image Source: Aderok Real Estates Uganda.

The stand-alone 4-5 bedroom villas and bungalows range from USD500,0000- USD 700,000, and with a private swimming pool, the price goes up to USD1.2 million. The rent ranges from USD3,500- USD 4,000 for such properties.

Lindo Palms Apartments
Lindo Palms Apartments Bugolobi. Image Source: Riverstone.

There are plenty of upscale, recently developed apartment complexes like Lindo Palms that offer 24-hour security & maintenance and generators. The asking price for these apartments is about USD270,000.


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