• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The Uganda Law Reform Commission (ULRC) has unveiled a simplified guide to raise awareness about the Succession (Amendment) Act, 2022.

The User Guide to the Succession Law in Uganda aims to equip Ugandans with the necessary knowledge to effectively engage in the implementation of the law, according to the ULRC.

Addressing the launch of the user guide in Kampala, Justice Minister Norbert Mao highlighted that many Ugandans face succession disputes due to a lack of relevant information on how succession works and a reluctance to create wills, among other factors.

He emphasised that the consequences of mishandling succession matters can have a lasting impact on families and their shared future.

Mao emphasised that succession is not just about property distribution; a will provides an opportunity for relatives to preserve inter-generational wealth and the deceased’s legacy.

Commending the ULRC for developing the user guide, Minister Mao expressed his belief that it will empower individuals to navigate succession disputes by the law.

He also acknowledged the significance of the Succession (Amendment) Act, 2022 and its simplified interpretation through the user guide, which eases the role of the administrator general.

Charles Kasibayo, the administrator general, emphasised the importance of the user guide in addressing succession disputes that often arise from ignorance of the laws.

He urged individuals to utilise the guide to draft wills, enabling them to clearly define their wishes in written form.

Kasibayo advised including details such as burial preferences, property distribution among beneficiaries and their respective shares, and explaining relationships with individuals mentioned in the will.

By utilising the user guide, challenges related to succession matters can be minimised.

Pamela Kalyegira, the chairperson of ULRC, highlighted that the user guide was developed with support from the Governance and Security Programme.

She emphasised the significance of explaining the amendments brought about by the Succession (Amendment) Act, of 2022 so that users can fully appreciate the changes.

The user guide serves as a reliable tool for individuals seeking guidance on succession matters.

By providing accessible information and guidance on succession laws, the user guide aims to enable Ugandans to navigate the complexities of succession and reduce disputes arising from misunderstandings.

It serves as a valuable resource to promote proper estate planning and ensure the smooth transfer of assets according to individuals’ wishes, fostering clarity and peace among family members.


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