• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Kampala City residents can finally breathe a sigh of relief as major road construction projects kick off to address the sorry state of the city’s roads.

The commencement of works by Zhejiang Communications Construction Group Company Limited on Port Bell Road is a promising development, with activities such as the construction of drainage channels and walkways well underway.

Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project (KCRRP) is making significant progress in improving the city’s road network.

The project involves the reconstruction and expansion of various junctions and roads, including Spring Road and Port Bell Road.

Additionally, maintenance work is being carried out on 5th and 6th streets by China Railway No18 Bureau Group Company Limited.

These efforts aim to improve traffic flow and enhance connectivity in Rubaga, Kawempe, Central, and Makindye divisions.

The sorry state of Kampala’s roads gained attention through a social media campaign launched by concerned citizens earlier this year.

The heavy traffic congestion caused by the poor road conditions prompted widespread complaints. In response, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) initiated the KCRRP, with funding of $260 million from the African Development Bank.

The project, which began in 2021 and spans 48 months, aims to increase the quality and quantity of strategic infrastructure in Kampala to boost Uganda’s competitiveness.

The deteriorating road conditions have resulted in significant losses for road users. Vehicle maintenance costs amount to approximately $800 million annually, and travel time delays lead to daily losses of around $1.5 million.

Recognising the economic and social impact of these issues, KCCA is investing considerable resources into road maintenance and repair works, allocating approximately USh30 billion each year to keep the roads in a motorable condition.

KCCA’s in-house engineers and contractors are diligently working on various roads, including Port Bell, Spring Road, Lubiri Ring Road, 6th Street, 8th Street, 7th Street, Old Kira, Namuwongo, Yusuf Lule, Ben Kiwanuka, Roscoe, Press House, Ggaba, Sentema, Kalema, Sir Apollo Kaggwa, Alice Kagwa, Nabweru, and Bombo roads.

Additionally, KCCA is nearing the completion of road projects funded by the government and the World Bank under the second Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project (KIIDP2).

These projects include Kulambiro Ring Road, Najeera Link, Tuuba-Kyanja Road, Kabuusu-Bunamwaya-Lweza Road, John Babiiha Road (Acacia Avenue), Ndinda-Nakawa Road, and Lukuli Road.

With ongoing roadworks and planned projects, KCCA envisions a future where Kampala becomes an inclusive, livable, resilient, and well-planned city that provides economic opportunities for all.

The improved road infrastructure will not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to the city’s overall development and growth.

As the road construction projects progress, residents can look forward to smoother journeys and improved transportation efficiency in Kampala.


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