• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | On the surface, the land registration process appears complicated, but upon closer inspection, it is simplified into a few phrases that are outlined below.

Apply for a Search and Consent Form

This paperwork is always requested as the initial step when registering land. The Ministry of Land provides you with a request form, which you fill up with information regarding the land.

The register also provides a Bank Advice Form, which is used to pay for this search in cash at a bank.

This form serves two functions because it is the same form used for tax payments. 

Even when the land is freehold, no consent to transfer is required. This form will be used to calculate the amount of tax due and to make payments.

Pay the Search Fee

After receiving the Bank Advice Form, you can make a payment to the selected bank and receive a receipt.

Before the search begins, this receipt must be provided to the registry.

Complete The Search and Write the Agreement

Following payment, the search is carried out at the registrar. Before the search can begin, the payment receipt for the search must be submitted. It is also at this time that the consent to transfer application is obtained.

An agreement is then drafted. This is normally drafted by a lawyer, and while it is not required, it is a customary practice.

Property Valuation

The Chief Government Valuer’s office is normally in charge of this. This is done primarily to determine the worth of the property for transfer, assessment, and stamp duty purposes.

Obtain a Clearance Form and Stamp Duty Assessment

After the valuer has accepted the property’s cost, the file is delivered to the URA, where an assessment form for stamp duty is supplied. Anyone purchasing land for more than USh50 million, on the other hand, must submit an income tax clearance indicating their source of income for tax reasons.

Stamp Duty Payment

After that, the stamp duty is paid to the authorised commercial bank. Payment is made exclusively at the specified commercial bank in this case. The bank then informs the Uganda Revenue Authority, (URA) that the money has been received. The bank and the Authority must reconcile their accounts, which takes three working days.

Consent to Transfer

The transfer forms are subsequently presented to the Land Board for approval.

That is where you give the receipts for payment of consent forms.

If a company is engaged in the transaction, it must apply to the business’s registration for a specific authorisation, which costs USh20,000.

Registration Fees Assessment

The sales agreement is then presented to the city council for registration fee approval.

After that, an assessment form is issued, along with a registration fee to be paid at the authorised bank. A signed sales agreement, a receipt for stamp duty payment, and the company’s decisions to acquire and sell are among the paperwork.

Transfer Documents Kept at the Lands Registry

The transfer paperwork is then preserved at the Registry of Lands and then transmitted to the Registrar, who passes the instrument of transfer.

It is subsequently forwarded to the commissioner in charge of land registration for validation.

In writing, the registrar cancels the former owner and substitutes him with the new owner. For this process, both the buyer and seller must submit passport pictures.

To round it out, land transfer documents contain receipts for registration fees and stamp duties, as well as passport photos of both the seller and buyer of the property.



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