• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia, the chairperson of the Ruparelia Group, has donated UGX 20 million and a brand new ambulance to two rotary clubs of Nsangi and Nsambya through his Ruparelia Foundation.

Of the UGX 20 million he donated, UGX 10 million was given to the rotary club of Nsangi in addition to an ambulance, whereas UGX 10 million was given to the cancer ward at Nsambya through the rotary club of Nsambya.

Sudhir gave these donations to the two rotary clubs at the installation of the Nsangi Rotary Club’s visionary president Kigoye Yusuf, where he had been invited as the guest of Honour of the event held at Molly’s Place Nsangi.

“I gave UGX 10 million for cancer ward at Nsambya hospital and also UGX 10 million for maternity ward at Nsangi and one new ambulance vehicle at the same club,” Sudhir disclosed.

He also thanked the Rotarians for their charity in changing the lives of vulnerable Ugandans.

“I thank you for your charity and for working tirelessly to change the Uganda’s ways of living mostly the vulnerable. Thank you very much and am supporting your good cause of building the hospital with an ambulance, and UGX 10 million,” said Sudhir.

The Quality Chemicals Limited boss Emmanuel Katongole, who is also a Rotarian, praised Sudhir for his big contributions, not only to Rotarians but to the entire country. Katongole remembered the big financial and food contribution that Sudhir offered to Ugandans during the Covid-19 lockdown when many Ugandans were having a food crisis.

“In a special way, I want to thank our guest of honor Sudhir for being a parent to many Ugandans. As Ugandans, we can’t thank you enough for the huge support you have extended to millions of needy Ugandans. Members here you remember the big contribution Sudhir made during Covid-19 lockdown days. You are a special Ugandan doctor, thank you so much,” Katongole said.

The Ruparelia Foundation was established in 2012 by Dr Sudhir Ruparelia and Mrs Jyotsna Ruparelia with a vision to create a positive and transformative change in the community, on a simple belief that “we can achieve a lot when we work together.”

The foundation funds education, health, sports, religious organisations and environmental conservation. They have so far given out donations of close to UGX 1 billion.


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