• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | With so many builders on the market in Uganda, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. Take your time to find a qualified builder who will provide quality at a reasonable price. Here are simple tips to help you choose the perfect builder:

Do Your Research

Start by getting referrals from family and friends who have recently had construction work done. As you do your research, ensure you select a builder with specific experience in the work you need to complete. A builder with experience in similar projects, working on a similar site within the same area, will provide the best expertise for your project.

Once you have a few contractors under consideration, ask for references from previous jobs. Contact the previous clients to determine if they were satisfied with the quality of the work and the builders’ professionalism. 

If possible, visit sites that the builder is currently working on, inspect their work, and ask the customers and neighbours what they think.

To further ensure their legitimacy, check their credentials. Ask to see their certificates of qualification. Further, contractors are required by law to register with National Construction Authority in Uganda, so this is another body you can check with.

Share Your Plan 

Send your plans to the builders that you are considering. Ensure you explicitly detail your objectives. Your plans should also include a budget, timeline, design, and all other relevant construction documents, such as a bill of quantities (BOQ). BOQ lists the total number of materials required to complete a project, which helps in getting detailed quotes for project requirements.

The builders will refer to these documents when making their quotes. This will ensure the builders did not leave anything out, and that you can measure the quotes against each other.

Get Quotations

The builder should send you, in writing, what is covered and what is not, including site maintenance, material supplies, and any plans to apply for building regulation approval. Check to see that nothing is left out. When comparing multiple quotes, choose wisely; the least expensive contractor may not be the best choice. Some builders cut corners to get the job, which results in shoddy work.

Ask About Quality & Technical Competence

When it comes to quality, there are three important factors to consider: 

1. Structural Quality:

The builder and their team should know construction methods, building standards, equipment, and materials. A good builder will produce consistent, top-notch workmanship, and use only the best quality materials according to your budget. 

2. Quality of Workmanship:

Always make sure that the builder’s previous projects are to your expectations. In addition to seeing references, ask for photographs of their previous work to assess the quality. 

3. Progress of Work:

There should be clear communication and transparency when it comes to the work schedule. Quality builders will always give you a precise schedule and adhere to the predetermined timeline.

Always Get a Contract

Avoid builders who do not use contracts. A contract will specify the obligations of both the builder and the client to prevent unforeseen issues that can lead to disagreements. Always get the contract signed before the work begins, and only sign when you feel that the contract is fair to you. 

A good contract outlines the timeline, bill of quantities (BOQ), bill of materials (BOM) and payment schedules, hours of work, and the builder’s quote. Where BOQ lists the total number of materials required to complete a project, BOM is related to the list of inventory, including raw materials, parts, components, etc., and gives clarity on all that is needed for completion.

Finalise Your Budget

Do not work with a builder who asks for payments sooner, or more often than agreed to in your contract. The builder should be financially sound to take on the project and expect payments only as agreed, even when delays occur. 

Work with a builder who will respect your budget. Even though sometimes prices may change, the perfect builder should provide options, and allow you to decide.


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