• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA | Kampala | Real Muloodi News | With good land use, a small area can be have a sizable building. Well designed plans can even produce a multiple dwellings on the same small plot. Otherwise known as ‘multi-family dwellings’, these can yield much higher returns as an investment property. Alternatively, this can be an attractive option for an extended family who wants to be close together, but not necessarily living in the same house.

Ugandan company, DPRO Design, are experts when it comes to maximising the use of a small plot this way. They have produced this amazing design allowing you to construct two storeyed dwellings (houses/condos/maisonnettes), each with two bedrooms, a full bathroom, an open place livingroom, kitchen, dining area and up to two vehicle parking spaces, on a tiny 50X100ft (15 x 30 metre) plot. An additional guest toilet/ WC, laundry area and outdoor covered dining area is included.

In this example, there are four dwellings in total across two small plots:

DPRO Design
On two small 50X100 plots, construct 4 Houses/Condos/ Maisonnette. Or, construct two dwellings if you only have the one plot. Image courtesy of DPRO design.

Let’s take you through a video tour of this amazing design.

WATCH: Construct 4 Houses/Condos, Each with 2 Bedrooms on 50X100ft Plots

The Details:

For Each Individual 2 Bedroom House: 

Ground Floor:

  • Up to two vehicle Parking (ideal for a single vehicle)
  • Living room in open plan layout, with the dining room and kitchen included
  • Front facing private garden/ lawn accessed through the living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Side facing outdoor private covered dining area, ideal for barbeques
  • Laundry area accessed through the kitchen with a large sink, space for a washer/dryer and laundry drying lines
  • Guest toilet/WC
  • Stairs to the first floor

First Floor:

  • Shared full bathroom, that includes a shower, toilet seat, wash hand basin
  • Kid’s bedroom with large doors and a Juliet style balcony
  • Master bedroom with large doors and a Juliet style balcony

Roof Top:

  • Low pitch roof idea for solar panels and solar water heater
  • Water tanks
The Cost?

According to DPRO Design, the approximate construction cost to build and complete each stunning dwelling with average luxury finishes is UGX 50 million (each house). Therefore, UGX 100 million each block, or UGX 200 million to construct all four 2 bedroom houses/condos. This could be reduced if all four were built at once, affording you discounts for purchasing materials in bulk and saving on delivery costs.

DPRO Design has based their estimate on ideal Ugandan conditions. Prices will vary depending on the method of construction, construction technology, and the team used.

About DPRO Design

DPRO Design is made up of a small team of architects, engineers, designs and construction specialists who believe construction should be more affordable. They endeavour to avail beautiful, but low-cost housing plans to everyone.

On DPRO Design’s website, you can purchase detailed plans to build this stunning design for yourself, for only USD $119. For an additional fee, you can also purchase the Bill of Quantities & Material Schedule, prepared by a quantity surveyor that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the building documentation. Reference: Design #DA28801A

The DPRO Design team can even provide services to adapt & customise the design to your particular plot and needs. Contact the DPRO team on WhatsApp +256754463676

You can become a Real Muloodi landlord yourself, even with a small 50ftX100ft plot of land.


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