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UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | In Part 1 of This Series, we presented the design and cost of a small one-bedroom home by Ugandan company DPRO Design. The tiny home is designed as to serve as a low-cost starter house to get you out of the rent-race.

DPRO’s ingenious design allows you to expand their starter house into a two-bedroom, storied home with this low-cost upgrade. This allows you to build in stages, enabling you to move into the home and stop paying rent, while you save your rent money to put towards your home expansion.

In this next instalment, we cover the low-cost upgrade that transforms the one-bedroom starter home into a two-bedroom, storied home.

First, let’s take a tour of the home after the two-bedroom upgrade:

WATCH: DPRO Design 2 Bedroom Low Cost Upgrade

The Details

Floor Plan available in metric system:

  • Total Land Area (used in video and photos) = 450sqm/ 1500sqft
  • Total Floor Area = 62.5sqm/ 673sqft
  • Ground Floor Area = 42sqm/452sqft

Ground Floor:

The expansion moves the bedroom in the original single-story design upstairs, making way for the staircase to the first floor, and expanding the living area downstairs.

  • Open plan living room, kitchen and dining room
  • Front balcony accessed through the living room
  • A half or partial toilet/ WC is accessible from the stairway area
  • Staircase to the first floor
  • Backyard balcony that is accessed through the living room
  • Over 3 vehicle parking spaces are available with this design on a plot of this size.

First Floor:

  • A full bathroom (shower and toilet/ WC) is accessible from the first floor landing
  • Kids bedroom with a closet and large enough for a double-decker/ bank bed for two children
  • A master bedroom with a closet, reading area and a king-size bed
  • Staircase to the ground floor

Second Floor/ Roof:

  • Optional rooftop access
  • The rooftop can be adapted as a flat roof with activity access (laundry, patio or solar system) – Access to water tanks, PV/ Solar System, Air Conditioning System
The Cost?

The approximate construction cost of this entire two-bedroom storied home in Uganda, with premium and luxury finishes: UGX 50,000,000.

The cost will be reduced had you already established the initial single-story, one-bedroom home in the first stage. The single storied home costs UGX 20,000,000. There will be additional costs to make the modifications to transform the home into the storied home, as opposed to building the storied version from scratch.

On DPRO Design’s website, you can purchase detailed plans to build this design for yourself. You can also purchase the Bill of Quantities & Material Schedule, prepared by a quantity surveyor that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the building documentation.

The Bill of Quantities & Material Schedules will help your builder determine the costs of building in stages.

Reference to the Designs:

  • Design for the first-stage single-storied home: #DA11101A
  • Design for the second-stage double-storied home: #DA22201A
About DPRO Design

DPRO Design is made up of a small team of architects, engineers, designs and construction specialists who believe construction should be more affordable. They endeavour to avail beautiful, but low-cost housing plans to everyone.

The DPRO Design team can even provide services to adapt & customise the design to your particular plot and needs.

You can stop renting and become a homeowner, even on a tiny budget.


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