• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Well-known Businessman Arrested for Stealing Grandmother’s Land Title

UGANDA, Kabale Real Muloodi NewsKabale police arrested a well-known businessman late last month for stealing a land title from his 80-year-old grandmother.

Beatrice Tushemerirwe, a resident of Rwakaraba B Cell, Nyabikoni Ward, Central Division Kabale Municipality, stated that she purchased her land in Rwakaraba B Cell from the late Steven Kakooza on 11/11/1992.

Tushemerirwe stated that following the agreement, the late Kakooza asked her to accompany him to Mbarara to secure the land title. However, she trusted her Nephew Francis Twinomugisha to secure it on her behalf because of her advanced age.

However, Francis deceived her and did not avail the land title, claiming that it was still being processed. Whenever she inquired about the status of the title, Francis avoided her.

On February 13, 2000, Beatrice sold the same land to Anthony Muhangi, a businessman in Kabale Municipality, without the land title since it was still being processed in Mbarara.

When Anthony began building, he was stunned to discover Francis declaring that the land was his and that development should be halted immediately.

After Anthony informed Beatrice of this development, she raced to the Rwakaraba Police Station and filed a charge against Francis under the reference number, Theft of Land Title 05/19/01/2022.

Anthony says that Beatrice promised to eventually provide him with the land title, and was therefore surprised to get a phone call from Francis demanding that he pay him money for the title instead. 

Upon interrogation by Anthony, Francis provided a photocopy of the title. However, Anthony vows to get the original copy, or else he will take the matter to the courts.

Clovis Twinebirungi chairman LC1, who signed the deal in which Beatrice sold the land to Anthony, says he does not understand why Francis continued to deceive the elderly woman.

Mr Elly, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson, affirmed Twinomugisha Francis’ arrest and criticised his conduct.


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