• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | It is possible to sell real estate property without an agent or broker. Even though selling your land on your own might be cumbersome, if you have the time and availability to deal with prospective buyers, it can be worthwhile.

Selling land or property on your own can save you tens of thousands, sometimes millions of shillings in agency or broker commissions. In addition, you will not worry about falling into the hands of a con man acting as an agent.

So, how can you sell your real estate property without a broker or agent?

Step 1 – Do Some Benchmarking

Always benchmark, that is, carry out a market survey for three or four identical parcels of land or properties for sale in the same region, in order to set the right sale price for your property.

You want to set the price to entice the buyer and bring in a profit.

Real Muloodi Property Network is a great resource to look for properties that are in a similar location and prices, so you can use it because you have no agent or broker to tell you what is on ground.

Step 2 – Take Good Photos

So you’ve determined your property’s asking price. Now you’ll need to visit your property to take quality marketing photos.

The ability to showcase the land or property by uploading photos to the online platform is without a doubt a significant advantage in today’s real estate market.

Buyers enjoy browsing, and in most cases, images can grab interest more quickly and effectively than a property’s description.

Making stunning graphics that can be purchased is one of the finest ways to make use of submitted photos. This includes organising the property, keeping the space clean, mowing the lawn, planting flowers, and showcasing any natural elements that are there.

Take a few pictures of the property at various times like on days with variable amounts of cloud cover, and lots of sunshine among others. Also, do not settle for the initial batch of pictures.

It is amazing how a variation in natural light can highlight particular characteristics of the building and give it a more appealing appearance.

To get the best possible price and your property stand out, consider purchasing or borrowing a drone to shoot pictures from above, as this viewpoint might catch the eye of a buyer and produce a distinctive image.

Also, buyers appreciate having well-defined property dimensions, especially when it comes to land. Consider taking an aerial shot or satellite image of the property from above and then putting the lot lines directly on the image, in addition to providing the specific dimensions of the area.

Step 3 – List Your Land/Property on the Internet

Marketing your property on the internet is the obvious best avenue to sell without an agent or broker. With the internet, you have the ability to sell your land to anyone, anywhere. Think about the people who may be moving into your property’s area from another district or another region, even those in the diaspora.

Property listing has never been simpler for prospective sellers and buyers. There are, however, a few ways to outsmart other similar real estates which are out there for sale using specific, smart and strategic considerations that can help you sell quicker than you ever imagined possible!

Select a real estate website that specialises in land or property sales for clients near, far and beyond in the diaspora. Real Muloodi Property Network makes it much easier for sellers to connect with buyers in the diaspora.

With the tested and trusted Real Muloodi brand, you can showcase your land or property on the Property Network directly to the intended audience or demographic for more amazing recommendations.

By prioritising your advertising efforts, you may focus on displaying your property to prospective purchasers, thus weeding out purchasers who are only interested other products other than real estate.

The beauty of selling land or property on Real Muloodi Property Network is it allows you to highlight the property’s unique features along with the potential for buyers to make it their own.

Potential buyers usually look for properties using specified keywords. So, while they are using Real Muloodi Property Network, they type in the attributes that may apply to your property, and the platform will display a list of properties that do. For instance, a buyer might be searching for land with “privacy” or a “pool.”

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes while creating your listing on the Property Network, and then ensure to include all of the unique attributes that they could seek.

Uncertain of what to add or which keywords to use? Use some of these popular Property Network keywords if your piece of land or property fits the description, such as “mountain view,” “park,” “close to town,” “open land,” “fresh air,” “hills,” “garden,” “fenced,” “shade,” “mature trees,” “private,” “pool,” and “security etc.”

Step 4 – Offer a Free Walk-tour

It is advantageous to provide your client with a complimentary walking tour of the property or land.

Some brokers in Uganda might request transportation costs or tour fees from prospective clients to make a livelihood on each visit to the listed property.

Remember, clients enjoy experiencing for themselves a place or property they are going to buy, therefore, let them do so at no cost.

Taking various clients to a property severally can be exhausting, especially if the sale appears to be far from closing. If you dare to be unique, you will discover that your final potential customer is among those many tours.

Step 5 – Polish Your Negotiation Skills

It is crucial to have strong negotiation skills. Most buyers might not purchase anything at the quoted price without trying to negotiate a discount with you. Before engaging in discussions with any buyers, decide on the lowest price you are willing to take.

Overcharging for the land or property might seriously hinder sales. Conversely, undervaluing the property could result in you losing money.  Always first consider who your potential buyers are and their willingness to pay for the land or property on sale.

After considering the specific potential of your property or land, you need to properly bargain by explaining how you arrived at the price you are selling at and the inherent benefits of purchasing that land or property.

During negotiations, always emphasise the land’s potential rather than merely the empty building. This strategy necessitates having a solid grasp of what prospective purchasers are seeking.

Consider emphasising how fantastic the neighbours are, the nearby schools, or the possibilities for a backyard garden if you believe they will be constructing a home on the site. Point out any perennial plants that are sure to come back next season, or highlight the great things about the neighbourhood.

On the other hand, if you are selling a remote plot of land in a rural region, think about how the land might be useful to those who like to farm, take walks, or just unwind in a quiet and relax in an off-the-grid setting.

Without an agent or broker, you can consider factors that determine the prices such as amenities like a busy commercial centre, the possible start of a new business maybe like developers desperately scrambling for parking space and proximity of the available social services. All these and more may help you determine a higher or lower asking price.

Step 6 – Complete a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Once you’ve found your buyer and negotiated a price, you’ll need to write the terms of the deal on what’s known as a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement. The Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement will outline:

  • Who is selling the land/property
  • Who is buying
  • What is the purchase price
  • When to close the transaction

Finally, success in selling a property on your own without an agent or broker can be achieved if you religiously follow the six steps highlighted above.

List properties or land for sale and rent on Real Muloodi Property Network today for a faster and more targeted sale.


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